New Focus for Yoga Program - 5:30 pm Classes are Restorative, 7:00 pm Classes are High Beginner/Intermediate

Apr 6, 2014

Meditate now offers Restorative themed yoga classes for all its 5:30 pm time slots. Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, practitioners can enjoy 60 minute sessions of Restorative yoga with a full selection of props.

“We have realized that there is a gap in the Chicago Northside area for this style of yoga. We find the greatest turn-outs for our Restorative yoga classes so we have decided to offer more of them,” said Center owner Andrew Shykofsky.

“In the 7:00 pm slots, we have a variety of high beginner/intermediate level classes. Our idea is to offer a little more challenging program for the early evening session. We have found our 7 pm classes tend to attract people who are more advanced in their practice.”

The current roster includes the following 5:30 pm Restorative classes;

Monday: Restorative Yin        Tuesday: Refresh & Restore     Wednesday: Restorative     Thursday: Restorative

At 7 pm, Meditate offers classes tailored to high beginner, intermediate level with one exception, On Tuesdays at 7 pm, the Hatha Flow 2-3 class is more geared towards intermediate and advanced practitioners. For full schedule viewing, click here