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Wisdom School is a series of lessons created to explore the higher spiritual teachings and raise the consciousness of those participating. Posted lectures are given to assist students seeking to walk a real spiritual Path and transform their consciousness from regular mundane levels to that of more enlightened beings, aware of their soul and wishing to grow in Love.

The Spiritual Side of Money, Abundance, Energy and Value

By Andrew Shykofsky

Money is NOT the Root of All Evil but the Love of Money is a Problem

Abundance Not

People who are brought up in families where there is plenty of money and material things are provided as needed receive a special kind of programming. They live amidst an attitude that the possessions you want will be provided so there is no need to worry.

This in itself does not make a person good or bad but it removes an obstacle that most of the world harbors; that financial matters are a struggle, there isn’t enough and many desirable things in life are simply too expensive.

We actually don’t encourage using the word ‘expensive’ in this school. It’s difficult to use that word without there being an underlying emotional connotation.

When people say something is expensive, it implies the price is too high for them too afford or that they don’t have enough.. If it is said with a certain emotional charge, there is the feeling that we are being withheld something good simply because we don’t have enough money which quite frankly is rarely accurate. Instead consider the effort required to generate the money needed to make the purchase and then decide if it is a good investment of your energy.

The Concept of Money is Very Useful

‘Spiritual’ people can get very angry about money. Some have been taught that money is the root of all evil. That is quite simply a reactive statement as a result of a lack of understanding. Money came about to facilitate trade. It was developed as a way to make bartering easier.

At some point in the past, the way to get what you needed was to bring something of your own that others wanted and offer them what you had, in exchange for what you wanted. If I was a farmer, I would bring food to a central market place and trade it for, say a table that the carpenter made. We would figure out what felt like a fair trade and that would be the end of it.

Money became the central basis for all transactions which allowed for much more business to be conducted. Now you could sell your goods for a currency that everyone agreed carried the temporary value of what you had produced. Then you could take that money and use it to buy other things. This freed everyone up. Can you see how the monetary system is entirely built on trust? Money of itself is just printed paper. It’s our faith in the system that gives value to the actual paper.

In order to get money though, you have to produce something of value. The money you receive is proportionate to the value you create in the cosmic system as well as your desire to earn.

People have a lot of opinions and reactions about the prices of things but we forget that the monetary system is essentially self-correcting. In other words supply and demand fluctuate to render the prices that the market will bear. Within each of us exists a set of beliefs and values around what prices should be and what we are willing to spend our money on.

A Higher Consciousness Around Money

Let’s try to disconnect from our own ideas and tune into a higher consciousness around money. Have you ever noticed how much fruit one mature tree produces? If you had a peach tree on your land, it really wouldn’t be possible for you and your family to eat all the fruit the tree yields. There is always a surplus.

God’s Universe is plentiful. Nature produces abundantly but we as humans get in the way. We get greedy and we get fed up. In the case of greed, we want too much for ourselves and in the case of getting fed up, we want things given to us for free because we dislike working.

Both are expressions of anger.  Our anger gets in the way of us seeing the situation clearly and so we make conclusions that are false and after a while, we are so invested in these ideas that we continually create an environment around us to prove our conclusions are actually true. For example, if you weren’t taught how to work much as a child because your parents pampered you or never made you get a summer job, you may have decided that the world is here to take care of you. That’s a false conclusion.

Every adult on this planet who is able bodied has to earn their keep by working and contributing. God has set it up that way. In fact, it is as the bible says…’By the sweat of your brow, you will eat your food until you return to the ground.” That is God’s Word in Genesis 3:19. It means that you earn your food while alive on Earth by working hard and in this process, you realize you have value to contribute.

Are you Here to Serve or Be Served?

If you believe the people of this world are here to serve you, you won’t like this idea of hard work. The real liberation comes when you realize that hard work brings joy and peace if done in a free society (as in not while enslaved). In our capitalistic society, we have the opportunity to build wealth through hard work.  Spiritually speaking, the more value we bring, the more God rewards us with abundance.

Let’s begin our relationship with money anew and take full responsible by saying, “I haven’t fully understood how to participate in this abundant system because my own beliefs, wounds and concepts have prevented me from knowing the Truth.”

What are you willing to do to create more value for others (serve)? That’s the fundamental question that will set you in the right direction. In America, we have a huge head start because there is so much commerce and so much opportunity and really so much money floating around in our system here.

If you decide you really want to earn a lot, for the most part, you can. There are role models from all walks of life, all races, all beginnings and both genders that we can look to who have been able to crack the nut and tap into the abundance.

Do You Have a Story in the Way?

Be careful of the tendency to create a convincing story for why this won’t work for you. You’re uneducated and that’s your parents fault. You’re a racial minority and there’s no changing that. You’re female. You want to focus on helping people, not being a corporate puppet. And on and on.

Those reasons may have served you in the past but now it’s time to grow up. Accept your circumstances and take responsibility for them. You chose them after all and according to God’s long term vision, what you started off with was right for you and your soul’s mission.

Consider that on some levels, you are way ahead in contrast to someone in a third world country who isn’t sure they will eat or drink clean water on any given day. I doubt you think much about that. And why is that? Because you know where food is and you have money to buy it, at least the basics. Maybe you don’t consider spending $100 on dinner with a nice bottle of wine unless it’s a special occasion but there’s very little chance you are going to go hungry.

This simply means you recognize that on some level it comes down to choice. Do you have $100 for a nice dinner? Most of us do. Do we want to spend it on food and wine? Perhaps once in a while? That’s the choice. So let’s wipe the slate clean and begin with a new set of rules around money.

Every Purchase is Possible Regardless of Price

Begin by thinking of everything you want as a possibility regardless of the price tag. You can have absolutely anything if you are willing to do the work. Most of the real extravagant things like a personal jet or a mansion in a resort location likely don’t hold enough interest for you to put the work in. But that isn’t to say it is because they are expensive. Think in terms of if you want it bad enough.

Think of it like this… have you ever been badly heart broken and you really wanted to be reunited with the one who broke up with you? If you knew that no matter how long it took, if you could raise a million dollars that your ex would come back to you, would you get motivated to figure out how to pull it off?

Some would and others would just get mad about it. Let’s be the former. Let’s examine what value motivates us both financially , emotionally and spiritually. It becomes a spiritual thing because you are going to need God to help you get there. Learning to manifest abundantly means you need to understand Universal Law that includes Laws of Attraction, Laws of Karma and Laws of Abundance.

In the case of the lost lover, when you really feel the pain of the separation, there is no price you can put on the chance to reunite. Many would do anything within moral reason to win back the favor of someone they are in love with.

We want to bring that sort of attitude and passion to our spiritual work and that might mean really applying yourself in order to break free of concepts around money. We want you to think about coming into relationship with God consistently to be that heart breaking motivator that you would do anything for.

Stop thinking of things as expensive but more as choice. Are you willing to give that much of your energy for a certain experience? If so, do so without complaining about the price. If not, simply walk away without expressing disgruntlement. Making negative comments about prices needs to stop. They are an affirmation of lack. Do you lack for anything? Possibly you lack the willingness to learn and to work hard. That’s as far as I recommend you take it.

It’s fine to set your sights on some material goals that stretch you spiritually. The risk is if you let the pursuit of material possessions dominate your consciousness and your personal worth as a human gets entangled with what you own. Forget about that. There is no tie to your worth as a soul to what you own but to the value you bring.

Begin to Think of the Value You Bring to Others

The more value you can bring to others, the more God will shower you with abundance. The missing piece is that you will need to learn how to work within the financial system. What this means is that if you want to become a nanny and bring tremendous value to a family by watching and loving their children, that’s wonderful. But the supply of nannies is generally abundant and therefore the money earned is modest.

Look to develop value in an area where the system shows a shortage. If you decided to open a grocery store in a big city, you might have wonderful food but you are competing with some serious players who have a head start on you. In this case, don’t be surprised if you struggle for a while catching up.

For most of us, starting a business might be a ways off. Instead, focus on doing something that is inspiring to you and that will offer the promise of a good income. If you’re missing something like a degree or a certain skill set, get cracking and fill in the gap. Don’t wallow in your bad luck but get to work.

Ultimately it comes down to working without resistance. You meditate and ask God… what should I focus on in order to earn at this or that level? Tune in and wait to get some direction that feels right for you. Then make a plan.

Try not to focus on time because that can get discouraging. It might be a few years or maybe 10 years before you get there. So what? Focus on putting sweat equity into your plan and make the end goal not just material but accept the spiritual challenge of overcoming your anger, your resistance, impatience and opinions as you move to understand and manifest abundance.

When you focus on value, you begin to act like an adult. Perhaps you look around and say to yourself… ‘holy cow, I’ve been sitting in my dirty diaper for 30 years complaining about how unfair life is, stinking up the room with my childish attitude’. Well guess what? Life is fair but perhaps no one has shown you how to see it this way.

For those of us who have actually worked hard to accomplish things we want, we learn to praise God first for the opportunity to go through the whole thing, second for the Grace that was given to help us along when it felt impossible and third for the obstacles that showed up that made us dig deeper to feel how bad we wanted it. So let’s start there!

Teacher: Andrew Shykofsky