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Creative Visualization – You’re Doing it Anyway

Oct 20, 2014

Even if you aren’t conscious of what you are putting out, you are still visualizing what you want only unconsciously

Creative visualization is generally associated with a conscious effort to imagine things you want and thus attract them into your life. There is no doubt that this works. But since everyone’s lives are living creations meaning each day you are a creative force in your life, what happens if you don’t do anything deliberately?

What happens is that your subconscious beliefs and concepts seed the Universe. In effect, you are still a significant creative force in your life only you are acting passively and this can have drastic consequences. If you haven’t spent some time either in therapy or using meditation to explore what lives in your subconscious mind, you may feel like a powerless victim in your life subject to random obstacles, adversity, occasional bouts of good fortune and an overall feeling of struggle in life. And that would be a tremendous shame.

Practicing Creative Visualization or what we call Guided Visualization will relatively quickly alter the course of your life. By now, we are all familiar with GPS systems. They must have put a significant dent in the map industry. Who buys maps anymore when you can program your GPS or phone to give you specific directions door to door? What if instead of using a GPS and also neglecting to buy a map, you decided to just start driving. Based on memory and trial and error you would try to find your destination? Not many people would recommend this as a wise approach. It just sounds silly. Why wouldn’t you use the technology widely available?

Some are techno-phobic and prefer the old school approach of using maps. Fair enough. For those who want to do it that way, you should at least acknowledge the time you are wasting in not learning how to use GPS. But if you are proceeding just on ‘feel’ you are likely to be frustrated and disappointed. We can be stubborn and when we decide we are going to do it a certain way, nothing will budge us. Don’t let your ego rob you of what is possible.

If you learn Creative Visualization, you increase your chances of improving your life 100%. We would even be willing to guarantee the outcomes but it would mean we would have to track your every move because discipline and consistency are definitely required for success. Assuming you are committed and motivated, here are some steps to consider;

1. Creative Visualization is to be thought of as an ongoing process. While your mind is active, you are sending out signals to the Universe that will affect what happens in your life.

2. You can begin immediately using a conscious approach to ‘seeing in mind’ what you want. Your thoughts become requests to the Universe.

3. There are nuances we recommend learning. Also, to be aware that obstacles will emerge as the Universe tries to teach you to grow to a new level of consciousness.

4. Faith in the process is the most important element. Start small and gain confidence. As you recognize that it works and more importantly, how it works, you can take on bigger projects.

One of the most famous books on Creative Visualization is by Shakti Gawain. Learn more here. Also, we offer a 5 week course on the subject. Click here to learn more.

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