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Meditation for Parents: Have you Tried?

Sep 10, 2014

Meditation for Parents in Charleston, SC

Meditation for parents

Have you considered that each child is a soul and thus requires slightly different direction as they grow and mature? In fact, it might be that 2 kids in the same home require RADICALLY different rearing because their needs are so different. This is one of the lesser know benefits of meditation for parents, that you can examine what you know about your children, one at a time while in meditation. Think of this as an amazing exploration.

For many parents, especially if no conscious self examination is done, we try to give our kids the very things that we didn’t get. There is nothing wrong about an intention of providing your children the opportunities and love you felt you missed out on. But in truth, those might not be the things that your child needs. It’s more about what YOU want them to have. Think about it… you generally don’t go to the restaurant and ask the waiter what they think you should eat, at least not every time. Occasionally at a nice place you might ask for a suggestion but you will ultimately make the decision.

Your kids don’t yet have that option. They will tell you what’s working for them and what’s not but you are the guardian of their little undeveloped soul and thus are responsible for guiding them correctly. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have some help on this? Many know meditation for parents as a way to chill out and release tension when frustrated. But it is not widely taught that you can enter into meditation, get very relaxed and then, in the inner sanctuary, contemplate your child and what would be best for him.

He or she might disagree but each soul has some things they need to learn, just as we do as adults. You can set them on a good, clean road if you are able to tap into their deeper emotional and spiritual needs early on. Everyone needs discipline but some respond well to it given this way and others that way. Consider the enjoyable task of taking 20 minutes a couple times a week and just concentrating on what makes your child tick. Over time, and with good direction, you will find you receive specific and useful guidance to apply to each child.

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