Meditate Featured in Racked Chicago

Sep 23, 2013

Racked is a stylish ‘what’s going on’ publication which features Chicago happenings. On Thursday Sept. 21, 2013, Writer Jenny Berg interviewed Meditation Instructor Andrew Shykofsky.

Here is an excerpt from their conversation;

What’s unique or different about the way that Meditate conducts classes and meditation sessions? 
The most unique aspect of what we teach is that meditation is not about just sitting in Lotus position and stilling the mind. For us, it’s about calming the three aspects of outer expression—mind, body, emotions—and exploring one’s deeper inner self. This is where the soul is, so let’s find it and see what’s going on in there!

Secondly, we wanted to combine yoga and meditation, since yogis often strive for a fuller meditation practice beyond just the physical postures. Those seeking to enhance the benefits of their yoga practice with a more integrative approach can do that here at Meditate.

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