Prefer to Learn to Meditate in Private?

We offer one on one meditation instruction at our West Ashley meditation center in Charleston. Working privately can accelerate progress. Learn to meditate and get consistent with a private teacher.

Our Instructor

Private Meditation Instruction

Try a private session in our West Ashley meditation studio.

Private Meditation Instruction

Work One on One with our Meditation Instructor for Private Meditation Classes

For those who wish to really hone in on the practice of meditation, we offer private meditation instruction with our lead instructor Andrew Shykofsky. Andrew has been practicing meditation in various forms for over 30 years and teaching for 8 years. Private meditation instruction gives you highly personalized attention to help you overcome the things which prevent you from relaxing.

As well as a solid foundation in meditation practices, Andrew has substantial experience in providing spiritual counseling which means your meditation practice can be focused on clearing away old concepts and beliefs that may be limiting. Choosing private meditation instruction may be right for you if you have a very tight schedule and thus need to work when it is convenient to you. Or you are someone who benefits from being able to move at your own pace.

How Does it Work

Private meditation instruction at Meditate takes place in our soundproofed studio in West Ashley Ave, Charleston. A typical first session begins with Andrew and you talking about your situation and factors affecting your level of peace and relaxation. He will want to understand your history in terms of trying to meditate previously and what else is going on in your life that is making you want to develop a meditation practice. After 30 or 35 minutes, Andrew will lead you in a guided meditation based on what was discussed.. In subsequent weeks, as you become more comfortable with the format, you and Andrew will talk in depth about issues in your life that seem to be creating conflict and stress. Each session includes talking, some personalized meditation instruction and a 20 -25 minute guided meditation.

Working in this way will lead to faster results since private meditation instruction is so tailored to you, the individual. These results include a more relaxed disposition throughout your day to day life, sleeping better, reduced emotional upsets and spiritual growth (if this is of interest to you).

Private Meditation Instruction in Charleston (or virtual meetings) – $99/hr

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