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God and Meditation

Aug 18, 2014

Finding God through Meditation Takes Time. The Patient and Disciplined Seeker is Rewarded with the Peace that Passes All Understanding.

God and Meditation

It sometimes surprises me how many or more accurately how few people get excited about God. In my experience, God is utterly amazing, an absolutely benevolent being that created all things. Perhaps people think that God moved our world into this current difficult state where there are wars, hatred, killing and all sorts of negativity.  I don’t see it this way. I feel confident in saying that God allows us human to use energy for whatever purposes we choose regardless of how destructive. When you use the life force energies to go against the Laws that God has given us, you have karmic repercussions.

But lets focus on God and meditation so we can learn how to use the life force we are given to make things better. First of all, you will need to learn how to find God through your meditation practice. Please don’t get angry or frustrated with God if this is actually quite a challenge. I can attest that this is a hard thing to do not because God wants it to be a struggle but because over millennium, we as societies have not made this a priority. We don’t value those practices that help attune our being to things of the divine. We seem much more enamored with technology and convenience, not to mention warfare and finances. But why don’t we teach high school kids to meditate?

If everyone had been taught about God and meditation in high school, I really think the world would be significantly better off. We weren’t which means our spiritual faculties have grown dormant. Now it is time to awaken them and as you know, learning new skills isn’t easy. Many of us like to feel gratification for doing things well. But meditation is hard to excel at without a devoted practice.

Here are a few tips to help you in your quest to find the God in you using meditation;

1.  Reduce rabid reading of all sorts of spiritual books and get a clear idea of what you are working towards. In other words, stop visiting the spiritual buffet, find a Teacher and get to work.

2. Begin praying frequently for the help you need including small things like helping to guide each of your meditation sessions.

3. Try to forget what church has said about God and meditation. Make no conclusions that you haven’t experienced yourself.

4. As you meditate, you will notice that there is a part of you that notices your mind, or feels your emotions, or decides to move your body. Think of this as your soul. Then get into the essence of your soul and concentrate on relaxing deeply.

5. If you can relax and learn to ignore your typical mundane thoughts, you can drop out of your head and into your torso area. In the energy body, or spirit body lies the Self, the pure essence of God that each soul contains. Pray that this part of you communicate and then be open to whatever happens no matter how subtle it is.

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