Meditate to Offer Prenatal Yoga combined with Guided Meditation in 2014 to Chicago Northside Moms

Nov 29, 2013


After numerous inquiries from neighborhood families, Meditate Yoga & Meditation Center announced it will offer a unique prenatal yoga and meditation series on Sundays beginning the first week of January, 2014. Meditate owner Andrew Shykofsky said, “We are smack in the middle of a very family-centric neighborhood so it makes a lot of sense that these classes are desired.”

Women who do yoga regularly should consider minor alterations to their practice during pregnancy months when the body is going through hormonal changes. The goal of prenatal yoga is to help the mother bring the ‘new soul’ into the world with minimum hassle and free of any health complications. Positions and postures practiced across the three trimesters differ with every phase. It isn’t just about yoga; it is about doing it under expert supervision in a suitable environment. It is highly recommended that a pregnant woman consider her health history before beginning the exercises.

In order to differentiate the prenatal offering to those of other Chicago yoga studios, Meditate is following the 75 min. yoga class with a guided meditation session which Shykofsky will lead. “The focus of the guided sessions for the series will be first and foremost to provide deep relaxation in a time of uncertainty. We know that using the mind to see those things we want in the future is an ancient practice that works miracles, actually. As such, we will spend time visualizing a perfect, safe pregnancy with smooth delivery. Also, we will, while in meditation strengthen the channel of love between mom and baby. Attendees will leave the session feeling uplifted and at peace.”

Learn more about this exciting series by clicking here. The series will begin Sunday Jan. 5 with class beginning at 1 pm. For more information or to enroll, write to or call 773-472-YOGA.