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How to meditate online meditation course


Level 1 Online Meditation Course

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We teach meditation with one crucial aim… for our students to develop the tools necessary to have a meaningful practice that remains consistent over time. Learning how to meditate online is absolutely possible with a good online meditation course. See our Yelp reviews.

The course we have built provides video excerpts from our very popular (and successful) classroom version; Level 1 Meditation. It follows a simple format where you watch and read a little material each day and practice for 20 minutes each day. This online meditation course is meant to be easy to integrate into a busy schedule where you can study and practice at home, or anywhere you can log in.

Convenience is very important of course. But what is more important when learning to meditate using an online meditation course is whether or not the material engages you. You are able to preview a few videos before committing to register for this online meditation course.

The videos run between 2.5 minutes and about 6 minutes (occasionally we have a longer one). There are also short readings to help solidify the concepts shared in the videos. At the end of each week, you can take a quiz which consists of 10 multiple choice questions. All of this material is to support one objective which is for you to begin and continue a meditation practice.

If you do follow through (and we are very confident you will!) you will begin to experience all the tangible benefits you have heard about when it comes to meditation. These include;

  • Better sleep
  • Less emotional reactivity
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Better ability to focus
  • More spiritual awareness

There are other benefits too but let’s take it one step at a time. We are pleased to offer this course and sincerely hope you have a wonderful experience with it. If you would like feedback or have specific questions about our online meditation course, please click here and write to us.

Or call us on the phone. I know people don’t like to do that as much as they used to but we still answer our phone whenever we are available. Even if you want to sell us something, we don’t mind. Just be sure to get to the point promptly!

Online Meditation Course

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