New Meditation Course Guides Seekers Within to Find God

Jan 18, 2014

On February 24,  2014 Meditate will begin offering a new meditation course (Level 2) for students who have completed the 12 week Level 1 course or have demonstrated greater proficiency in their practice. The focus of the Level 2 course will be in helping students go deeper within and open the channels in order to experience a relationship with God.

“This course is not about religious studies but for those who seek to go beyond just a belief in God and have a real experience of the Divine,” said owner and class instructor Andrew Shykofsky. “Much like the mystics (who were often criticized by the churches of their days), we want to probe deep within our consciousness using meditation to find what is called ‘the pearl of great price’. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within and we want to guide people so they might find it and experience it.

Shykofsky brings over 10 years experience on the mystical path.  He was ordained a Priest in May of 2013.

“It is really amazing what happens to one’s life when they begin to explore all that exists within the deeper levels of consciousness. Life as we mostly know it now with our mundane worries and obligations takes on a whole other meaning. For those who have a sense of the Soul and want to fulfill a deeper missions, we recommend this course as a good ‘next step.’

Classes are Mondays at 6:40 pm until 8 pm. The course runs 8 weeks and is being offered at an introductory rate of $99.

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