Wisdom School

Wisdom School is a series of lessons created to explore the higher spiritual teachings and raise the consciousness of those participating. Posted lectures are given to assist students seeking to walk a real spiritual Path and transform their consciousness from regular mundane levels to that of more enlightened beings, aware of their soul and wishing to grow in Love.

Dropping the Image, Becoming your Soul

Becoming your soul will be a relief though could be tough at first

We are sure to get a strong reaction from people when we tell them they are not being true to themselves. They will get very defensive in an attempt to prove you wrong. You will hear very clear evidence to help you see their point of view. People are frequently trying to get others to see things more as they do and this is likely because somewhere deep inside of ourselves, most of us want to be understood. This is one of the fundamental aspects of relating, that we want to be seen, heard and understood. It feels good when we know that someone ‘gets’ us.

The problem is that we are often trying to get people to see and understand our experiences from a false identity. In other words, we have become so strongly identified as being a certain way that it has become our role in life. Some examples include; a man that has over identified with his role in business and sees everything as related to ‘the bottom line’. Or someone who is a risk taker and has identified the thrill of risky situations as being something with a lot of value. The signature of the role player is that they often harbor judgments that the way they are living is better than how others are.

Other roles include the good husband, the free spirit, the extreme athlete, everyone’s mother, the happy and careless drunk, the vegetarian, the player and on and on we go. These roles serve the person in some way providing them an identity which supposedly gives purpose to their lives. And it does. But is it what the soul inside the person truly wants?

Let’s think about people who identify as spiritual. What kind of roles do we take on? Some who identify as spiritual take on the role of fending for the persecuted and devote their time to the causes that create deep feeling for them. This could include the activist, the protester, the one committed to social justice. Other spiritual people reject society all together and take on the role of conscientious objector, much like during the Vietnam War. These folks feel the fundamental errors in how society functions and divorce themselves from it completely.

The most obvious role of spiritual people has to do with having wisdom and being someone people come to for guidance, advice and direction. There is nothing wrong with helping others out as it is a fundamental drive in all of us. The problem with all these roles is that they haven’t been vetted by the soul meaning, our soul has not had a chance to offer input as to the role we have assumed but is kind of forced to take a back seat to it.

Because of how the Universe is ruled by eternal laws, our taking on of a certain role allows us to fulfill it. This means that if we feel strongly enough that we have wisdom and advice that is of value, we will create situations where others come to us looking for help. Let’s step back for a moment and allow our motivation to be examined. If we haven’t included our soul in the process, we are likely operating from some conclusions and concepts that are questionable.

The most obvious one is that what we have to offer as far as the guidance that makes sense to us is actually the best advice for the person coming to us. Lo and behold, it very often might not be. And why is that? Because it most often isn’t originating from the Highest Source possible. And likely we are still acting from a role that we have created and assumed over the years.

Now, to be clear, we are fine if people want to maintain whatever role they are acting from or even deny they are acting from a role. Free will is absolutely a right. But people generally say they want to be happy so let’s take that to the extreme. Happiness must include awareness of the soul which is the deep and true personality. And even beyond that, peace and contentment will elude us if we don’t seek a relationship with our Higher Power or God. This isn’t to say you have to call yourself religious or declare a particular religion. But really, there is no way around this essential fact… happiness as far as a lasting condition, rooted in peace and feeling confident that one’s life is meaningful will require the soul be prominent and God or the Self acting as the mind of the soul.

Isn’t that an interesting way to think of things? That the mind of the soul is or divine origin. This does change the game quite a bit because that leaves a question as to the mind that we are more familiar with. That mind that seems to all but rule our lives doesn’t have the same connection to our soul as the Diving Mind does. Let’s see what it takes in order to switch out the little mind for the big one.

The big Mind will sound like a concept until you develop spiritually such that you experience it. All the talk and explanation in the world doesn’t really cover it. Best would be to make the commitment to do the work such that you can open the spiritual channels within you to experience it. Once you get the bug, or in other words that hunger is ignited in you to have this experience, forces beyond your understanding will begin to support the transformation. And likely your fabricated role as you have consciously and subconsciously developed it will begin to fall away.

This should be celebrated as a great thing because the role is not actually making you happy. It’s likely providing an emotional sense of satisfaction part of the time but since it is based on false concepts of self, it doesn’t get to the core of what you are longing for, which is real integrity, or the wholeness of you as creative force, soul in union with Self.

In reality, the deconstruction of your role or roles (as you might have more than one) won’t feel celebratory because there is a gap between what you thought you were supposed to do and what you were created to do. You don’t typically step from one directly into the other. In fact, you could think of it like 2 lives. One has to die and usually parts of us hold on stubbornly for quite some time before we are ready to let go of the old. Mostly it’s fear of the unknown, and various tugs of the flesh and the mind that keep us still wondering if the old life might eventually pay off.

If the payoff for you is a life of drama, emotional volatility, underlying anxiety, looming depression, unexplained bursts of euphoria, nagging doubts and fears, sensual pleasure and so on, then actually you will get that. These payoffs are the norm on Earth. But for the elite few who know their souls have awakened, this simply won’t do. At some point we accept that there is another life and hence the expression to be born again. While to be born again is often associated with extreme Christian religions and perhaps fundamental beliefs, as with all the higher truths, regardless of the connotations you hold, the pure and true meaning of being born again is real and amazing.

What exactly happens that we are born again? This was the dilemma that Nicodemus faced when Jesus told him… “Lest a man be borne again, he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” It’s quite simple actually. When we start our life, we are born of our mother’s womb into a worldly life. Most of us received inconsistent teaching, a few crumbs of love and from all the hurts and concepts we took on, all the unconsciousness that governed our lives, we created an adult life as best we could.

Now you are ready to let that old life die. It takes courage because despite the unhappiness or stagnation, we like our familiarity. The unknown tends to create anxiety in us. Let’s instead vow to feel a little nervous and uncertain but not to let it progress to anxiety. It all begins by reaching a humble state within and realizing the life you have created without God and without a ton of conscious guidance has essentially failed. You may hear this being referred to as ‘breaking before God’.

When you break down, God reaches out, now that your pride has given way and begins to raise you up again. We do it through Christ since we look to Him as the one assigned to be our liason. Jesus is the Way. He lived it and showed us what it looks like to be raised up. Now it’s your turn.