What is Creative Visualization?

“If you want to reach a goal, you must ‘see the reaching’ in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Creative Visualization
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How Creative Visualization Meditation Works

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Creative Visualization or more simply, VISUALIZATION is a creative act done while in meditation to elicit the Laws of Attraction. In the mental realm is where creating begins. But we have become so enamored with our own intelligence that we have forgotten what the mind does best. Unfortunately, in most of us, we aren’t using the mind very much but the mind is using us.

This means that we are slaves to our own random and often anxious thoughts. Most are familiar with this feeling of when the mind is running out of control, regurgitating the same stuff ad nausea, endlessly planning every detail, judging the actions and words of others, berating ourselves harshly and keeping us awake at night when we should be sleeping easily.

The mind wasn’t given to us to be the ruler of our beings but should actually act as a servant. Our task is to learn to use this powerful entity proactively and creatively. The mind has the ability to begin immense and impossible creative projects… when we understand the principles of creative visualization. The first principle to understand is that we are given the power to affect matter through thinking.  We may never adequately explain how it works. So don’t ask ‘why’ but ‘how’!

In simple terms, thoughts that are deliberate and clear are like commands going into the Universal atmosphere and in effect, signaling a desired end result to manifest. We can say that this is what is meant when we are told we are made in the image of God. We have the faculties within us to create by our conscious intention as God does. We simply must know what we want, see the end result we are seeking and then give it over so it can begin happening. Each of these steps has some pitfalls that new visualizers tend to fall into. Let’s explore these for a moment.

Are you sure about that?

Knowing what we want sounds simple enough. But the Universe is very precise and thus we need to be precise as well. We may say we want a real loving relationship with our spiritual equal or to earn a lot more money. But when it comes down to it, are we prepared to give what it takes to have these things? Are we willing to grow into the kind of romantic partner that we expect in our mate? Or are we willing to learn new skills and increase our responsibility such that we are paid a lot more? Often times, what we want will force something in us to change. We should examine ourselves to make sure we are willing to accept what our desire requires.

Concentration is vital

Next, we need to be able to concentrate and make the mental pictures clearly. This is relatively easy to learn but does require practice. There are mental exercises that can be done to develop this ability such as seeing numbers or words in mind and holding those images for 30 seconds without losing them or drifting in thought. Try it! It’s not as easy as it sounds. This step is important because the realm of mind is exact. The clearer the image, the better the result.

Let it go!

Finally, we have to let the vision go. This can be hard because there is a time delay between when we send out the image and when it manifests. The exact time span varies depending on how large the request. It is possible to visualize something that comes to pass pretty much immediately like if you are stepping up to the plate at baseball. You could visualize yourself hitting a home run a few minutes before. If you’ve done your preparation meaning you actually have the ability to hit a home run, it could very well happen on the spot. But if you are seeing a whole new career direction for yourself, that could take some time to show up.

In our culture, we get impatient when things take a while. It can be easy to start getting doubtful. But this would be a big mistake. Once we know we have released a clear image into the Universe or what the mystics call ‘The Mind of God’, we must simply go about our life with the utmost confidence that our dream is on its way. For this reason, we recommend that the new explorer begin with simple ideas to get comfortable with what is possible. Read what a more psychological take Creative Visualization is by clicking here.

All in all, taking this on is like making magic happen in your life. Join us for this 5 Week Creative Visualization Course where we explore the nuances of this practice, work mental drills and program the Universe for the very things we have been missing in our lives. Each week people share of there successes as we hone in and learn to use the mind responsibly and proactively.

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