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Partner Yoga, Couples Yoga… How do we Get Started?

Sep 15, 2013

Partner yoga or couples yoga is NOT only for romantic couples

Couples yoga for women in Chicago

There is  a version of Hatha yoga where partners support each other in modified sequences called partner yoga. This is becoming more and more popular for obvious reasons… it helps the yoginis get their men into the studio and onto the mat!  But it can also be a wonderful and fun class for best girlfriends. Couples yoga offers a unique opportunity to connect deeply to another person — whether it’s someone with whom you have romantic feelings, or a new friend you’ve just met at the studio.

Practicing yoga with your partner may help you move beyond your own self-limiting ideas of what you can and can’t do.  Let’s discuss 4 ways to get your partner yoga groove on!

1. Partner yoga or couples yoga is NOT only for romantic couples.

Patner yoga at Meditate allows you to join as a solo participant and find a partner in the class itself. We will aim to pair you with with a student who’s about your size height and weight wise.

2. Hope for positive outcome (but don’t force it).

Talk to each other before going to the first class about what you want the experience to be like.  Go in with an open mind and heart — not with a pressure that this is going to fix something that is affecting your relationship. Be willing to learn and grow together by connecting through yoga.

3. Give first, receive second!

Think of your role as treating the person you’re practicing with as you’d like to be treated. By focusing more on what you can give, you and your partner can dive deeply into the principles that lead to successful, supportive friendships and loving relationships.

4. Enjoy the moment.

Be present and focus on each other during your partner yoga class or practice — and try not to take anything too seriously. Take a deep breath and relax. Let it be fun and let yourselves laugh. Partner yoga is full of hilarious moments. Don’t miss them by being so darn ‘spiritual’!