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What is Body Mind Emotions Meditation?

Sep 30, 2017

BMEM or Body Mind Emotions Meditation Opens your Consciousness so you can become Unblocked

BMEM or Body Mind Emotions Meditation

You have likely heard about TM or Transcendental Meditation as well as Mindfulness (MBSR) as leading forms of meditation. People also associate Buddhist Meditation as its own style but who knows about BMEM or Body Mind Emotions Meditation?

BMEM is a particular style of meditation used to manage the pressures created by the body, mind and emotions. The body, the mind and the emotions are constantly reacting to stimulation and trying to capture our attention. This is what leads many people to feel stressed, wired and though their lives are too crazy to manage. I assure you that your life is not too crazy to manage though you may need to learn techniques to overcome these pressures.

How do my body, mind and emotions exert pressure?

The body is the easiest to relate to. It exerts pressure when you get hungry, thirsty or tired for example. Even being sexually aroused is a pressure as it motivates us to take action. It sends signals which we perceive as hunger, tiredness or the desire for connection. Since these are very familiar feelings, we know instantly what to do. If hungry, we can eat and that takes away the pressure. If tired, we can sleep or for many, reach for a caffeinated beverage in order to reduce that pressure. Have you ever been driving and get drowsy? It’s very challenging to deal with that pressure when the body wants to sleep but it really isn’t possible.

In reality, the bodily pressures are not that hard to deal with. Most of us accept that we can’t just eat anytime we get hungry or take a nap in the middle of the work day because we feel tired. We develop alternate ways to alleviate these pressures.

The mind is much trickier than the body.

The mind exerts pressure by presenting thoughts. Often these thoughts are not what we would choose to think about but we can’t stop them. An easy example is when you have a song playing in your head and you don’t even like the song anymore. You might wonder how that is even possible. How can something keep running through your mind but yet you aren’t even consenting to it?

Same when you want to fall asleep but the mind won’t relax. You might ask… who is in charge of my life here? This is exactly why we developed this style of meditation called BMEM. We will use a specific process while in meditation to examine the activity of the body, the mind and the emotions. Through giving each a little attention, we will reclaim ourselves as the one in charge.

Who is actually in charge?

Consider that you have a soul somewhere inside you. We say the soul is the desired leader of your being but in most of us, the mind has assumed that roll. The mind is not a good creator of peace and relaxation. In fact, the mind has become better aquainted with the ego and NOT the soul. The ego and mind combination are more drawn to negativity but the soul seeks love.

BMEM (Body Mind Emotions Meditation) is about growing in love

Through the process of acknowledging the activity of the three elements (body, mind and emotions) we will learn what is driving these pressures and learn to manage them methodically. For example, if the mind is replaying a stressful conversation which in turn triggers anxiety or other negative emotions, we can simply notice that activity and immediately take on a more objective perspective. Imagine an internal dialogue like this;

Mind: We are short on rent money this month and we only have a week before rent is due. We’re screwed. We’re going to get evicted. What an embarrassment. There is nothing I can do.

Emotions: We’re screwed! I’m freaked out! I hate how this happens!

You (as soul): It’s true we are short this month though it has happened before and we found a way to cover the rent.

Mind: There are no options. No one will help us. What a jerk for buying that dress! We should’ve put aside the rent money. I am such a loser!

Emotions: I am. I do the stupidest things. I feel so pathetic. I hate my life!

You: That kind of internal banter isn’t helping. I know that part of me and going there right now is not going to move things along.

Mind: There’s no way around it. We screwed up and now it’s coming down hard. We’re going to lose our credit score and who knows what else. I can’t deal with my life.

Emotions: My life is a waste. I feel so angry and worried. What am I going to do? I need something to feel better. Can we get a couple of donuts?

You: There is a way to handle this. But first I have to get away from the negativity of my mind and emotions. I need to tap into a more conscious part of myself, something deeper than what I am hearing.

So you see, there is always a higher conscious part in you that can recognize the surface noise and find a solution. In my 30 years in meditation, I have discovered that everyone has this ability. Most just need a process to identify how to get there. In future posts, we will dig more into the process of using BMEM to transform your life in a thorough way. In the meantime, consider a course in BMEM. We have had excellent success.

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