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Meditation – The Unique Road to You

Apr 27, 2013

By Joseph Drumheller (guest writer)

Joseph Drumheller meditation

For me, meditation is all about joy and passion.  It’s a mindful opening of a doorway to the greatest version of who you are meant to be.  Through the mysterious world of deep relaxation, the gateway to the truest path of who you are can be opened.

When you relax, you can de-stress.  Okay, good start.  As you go deeper into yourself, you open the doors to what’s locked inside.  There can be a significant amount of suppressed emotion from the past.  Pain, fear, trauma, abandonment, unworthiness, loneliness, etc.  As your awareness increases, you recognize that suppressed emotions cause repeating patterns of the same pain, over and over again.

However, as you continue to meditate, you learn that suppressed emotion can be released.  The repeating patterns stop and you become free from the past.  This is called healing.  Then, you begin to soar.  With the roadblocks of the past released, the path to creativity is opened.

This is where life gets exciting.  Synchronicities, magical coincidences, healing and miracles start to happen all around you.  And as you continue to meditate, at some point, you’ll have a spiritual awakening.  This is where you have a direct experience of the benevolence of God.  For some, it’s a mind-blowing experience they will never forget.

Mind-blowing or not, once you experience God, your perceptions of life will be forever changed.  You will begin to comprehend that life stretches far beyond the, physical 3D world.  With resistance and negativity stripped away, God merges with your essence, and the co-creative dance of eternity begins.  This is where you fully step into yourself.

As your connection to God deepens and increases, your unique gifts, talents and attributes will come to the surface.  You will be you more than ever before, to share, connect, and live in ways your never dreamed possible.  It’s all about passion.  It’s all about joy; passion and joy to be  uniquely you.


Joseph Drumheller

Joseph Drumheller a three-time award winning author with over 25 years of experience in the worlds of meditation, healing and spirituality.  Six of those years he spent fine-tuning his craft, using meditation and healing techniques helping patients in a cancer radiation clinic.

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