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Crystal Bowls Sound Meditation to Quiet the MInd

Mar 23, 2012

Crystal Bowls Sound Meditation Assists in Quieting the Mind

Enchanting and peaceful, crystal singing bowls produce resonate pure tone notes that start soft then grow quiet loud. The vibration they emit affects the physical, mental and subtle bodies. The sound is so resonate that people actually feel it rushing through them, calming them, and quieting the mind.

The size of the crystal bowls determine their pitch.  Each note on the musical scale (A through G) is represented. Often each note will resonate in a different part of the physical body. Especially when the flood of sound from the bowl is loud, the simultaneously physical and energetic experience is undeniable. Feeling the crystal bowls’ vibration is so unique and profound that it completely encompasses the listeners’ attention. Other thoughts are simply not present. Once established in that stillness of mind, then the practice is to abide in that state as the crystal bowls slowly quiet again.

On a certain level we are all vibrating. Sound shifts our vibration. The pure tones will purify, and the harmonies will harmonize. The bowls vibrations elevates one’s perspective offering new possibilities to a meditation practice as well as the rest of the day. Like a spa day for the spirit, you will leave the meditation in an atmosphere of serenity.

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