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Andrew Shykofsky brings over 30 years of meditation practice and 12 years teaching meditation to his lessons and guided meditation.

Candice Wu

Candice Wu teaches Yoga at Meditate in Chicago

Candice Wu is certified as a 500-hour advanced yoga and Ayurveda teacher through the Darshan Center for Vedic Arts. She received her 200-hour teacher certification through Pure Yoga. Candice practices as a Holistic Psychotherapist at Centered Therapy Chicago. Her teachings are a unique blend of Tantric and Vedic knowledge, Ayurveda, qi-gong and chakras, Forrest yoga techniques, and psychological insights.

Candice is fascinated with how the body stores life experiences and beliefs as well as the energetic, spiritual, and intentional practices of yoga. She teaches how to reconnect with the innate healing power of the body and to access the wisdom that is stored within, as well as developing the awareness to embody the essence of who we are. Her passion is in the spiritual aspects of stepping into a more authentic version of ourselves and self-awareness on a deep level.

Candice’s yoga classes are about honoring our body and spirit, and cultivating integration. You can expect the class to be filled with one-on-one attention, healing techniques and meditations, conscious hands-on assists, and compassion. Candice teaches with simple methods of internal alignment that are accessible to anyone and provide external grace and ease in any pose. She believes in yoga as an opportunity to witness the patterns of our mind and body and to expand possibility and love.

Candice Wu Darshan Center for Vedic Arts 500 Hour certified