Meditation Classes for Teenagers

This course is not currently being offered. Contact us for individual meditation instruction for teenagers.

Meditation for Teenagers

Classes in Meditation for teens in Chicago

Meditation for Teenagers will reduce feelings of anxiety and isolation and help teenagers adjust to peer pressures at school

Teenagers may not get enough credit. While they lack worldly experience in comparison to adults, we must think of teens as souls with great depth of feeling, intense passion and latent wisdom. Meditation is a vital way for teens to come into a deeper understanding of themselves and quickly gain social skills to help navigate a traditionally difficult period in their lives. Meditation for teens will make a dramatic difference in their future success.

For several years following puberty, teenagers are gaining more confidence in their emotions and how they truly feel about life. It is a time of turbulence as they acquire an individualized identity separate from their parents and other long held family values. Teenagers need the freedom to consider what they have been taught and what feels right for them. This is why conflicts are predominant in households with teenagers; their independent identities are getting stronger and this generally creates tension with parents.

Even more difficult is the volatile emotions of the teenage years while still living under the parents’ roof. You can’t break away yet and be independent but you can’t deny who you are.

Meditation during the teenage years is one of the best ways to come into a more mature way of handling your emotional states and the frustrations of being in relationship with parents who see things differently. Meditation for teens is not about encouraging rebellion by any means. Meditation for teenagers will help them calm the high strung ways of thinking and feel what they are feeling in order to make or mature and responsible decisions.

How Young Can They Start?

Fifteen is an ideal age to begin meditating as this age can be thought of as truly being a young adult. You have the authority to drive a car and that brings responsibility. Teenagers at least sixteen often have the consciousness and the desire to practice on their own without being told repeatedly by teachers and parents. It is an age where teens are motivated by their own desire to evolve and grow as souls. Read what a PhD says about Meditation for teens.

It may be possible for some 15 year olds to take our Meditation for Teens course. Please contact our staff to discuss individualized situations before registering.