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Meditation Class in the Ravenswood Neighborhood of Chicago

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Once considered an “up and coming” neighborhood, Ravenswood has seen its real estate values skyrocket since the 1990s, making it one of the highest valued markets in the city.

Meditation Classes in Ravenswood Neighborhood in Chicago

Chicago’s Northside is really a great place to live. It feels incredibly safe and in the Ravenswood area, transportation is quite plentiful. The Brown Line is there as well as the Metra. Our yoga and meditation center is also very close by. Have you been thinking about learning to meditate? I mean, not just downloading a guided meditation app or listening to a few podcasts but actually learning a real technique. Perhaps now is the right time to consider such an undertaking.

Meditation is well known to be a very effective way to manage stress and reduce anxiety. But at the same time, it can be daunting to approach the practice since you have likely been told you need to sit cross legged on the floor, close your eyes and try to stop your mind from thinking. We know that sitting cross legged and not thinking are big reasons that people get nervous about learning to meditate. What about a meditation class that doesn’t seem so hard?

We developed a Level 1 Meditation Course that lasts 12 weeks. The reason for this length of time is that no matter how accurate the information you receive, most people don’t have the discipline to just read a book and keep a regular practice going. Also, for those who are that disciplined, unless they are checking in with someone who knows, they are likely going to veer off and develop some bad habits. In truth, you need a place that you can come to each week for a few months, build on  your knowledge and get some feedback.

One thing we want to point out is that learning to meditate takes some dedication. You wouldn’t think that sitting around in silence for 20 minutes is all that hard. Sitting around isn’t that hard but without being able to check your phone, send a text, read a magazine or browse YouTube means very little stimulation is happening. This is the problem! We are addicted to stimulation and when that is taken away, we can get quite antsy. But meditation teaches you that you have a deeper inner reality, one that longs for a break from all that stimulation. Within yourself you are actually craving for less activity and to be ok with less stimulation.

While this sounds quite appealing, learning to attain it requires patience and effort. We would say nothing is more worth the effort because how can you know that peace and tranquility is available but then not learn how to have it? So maybe it’s time to make a sincere effort. Knowing how it goes for people trying this out, our course really lays out a method to give you the best possible chance to develop a consistent practice. Click here to request our course syllabus.

If you live near Ravenswood in Chicago, I would say you owe it to yourself to drop by and say hello. We have several options for those looking to meditate. View our schedule.

We hope to see you soon.