Many earnestly begin meditating and soon find that everything else seems to come first. A busy city life is one of the biggest obstacles to learning how to meditate.

Consider our 8 Week course (now offered in Charleston) designed to provide insights, inspiration and practical tools for those who truly want to breakthrough and experience the full rewards of this ancient practice.

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Want to Learn How to Meditate in Charleston, SC?

How to meditate in Charleston for beginners

In June 2018, Meditate A Center for Healing Arts reopened in Charleston (West Ashley). The Center began in Chicago Illinois and has relocated to Charleston, SC. It’s time to learn how to meditate in Charleston!

If you are curious as to why we are now offering to teach people how to meditate in Charleston, the answer is because there seem to be a lack of choices for people to learn how to meditate in Charleston!

In searching online, there are a few Buddhist Centers offering to teach people how to meditate in Charleston and honestly, that is a great thing! What we offer is a little different than Buddhist meditation.

The people who come to Meditate Center for Healing Arts are most often seeking a way to gain greater control of their minds and thinking. People are anxious, too busy and essentially unhappy with many aspects of their lives. We want to be part of the solution.

Another reason we decided to come to Charleston to be really honest is because of the amazing weather. Chicago is too cold and the winters drag on for too long. Nothing beats a beautiful March spring day in Charleston where you can meditate on your screened in porch!

But let’s get back to talking about how to meditate in Charleston. First off, you need to find a place or a meditation center where you feel comfortable. When we say comfortable, we mean you like the space, you like the instructor and you feel a sense of excitement about the particular style of meditation.

We would like you to consider our place. It’s centrally located in West Ashley on St Andrews Blvd and parking is nice and easy. We have a nice quiet meditation room in the back with comfortable chairs. Oh, this is an important point. We teach meditation sitting in chairs. People can sit on the floor of desired but sitting in chairs with back support is nice.

And finally, we have a well tested and refine Level 1 Meditation Course. There have been hundreds (and maybe thousands) of people, mostly beginners who took this course. It works if you;re ready to develop a consistent practice. Click here to explore our Level 1 Meditation Course. It’s possibly the best way to learn how to meditate in Charleston, SC!