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Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung was one of the first Westerners to study yoga in depth. His comments on developing higher consciousness in the East helped introduce the West to yoga concepts and practices.

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Yoga Classes in Chicago

Chicago in the winter can be rough. Remember the winter of 2014? Apparently it was the roughest in 30 years. Thank God there are yoga classes all over Chicago! For those of us who love yoga, we are grateful to find the yoga centers in our city that offer the yoga classes we like. We hope you find our to be one of those!

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga: A unique blend of active movement that lubricates joints and warms connective tissue

Suitable for all levels of practitioners, but especially welcoming to beginners and those with physical limitations, this carefully crafted Gentle Yoga class offers a supportive, stabilizing atmosphere where students are encouraged to breathe, explore and unwind.

Serving as an alternative to the popular athletic vinyasa flow approach, Natalie created a Gentle Yoga class where students can expect a unique blend of active movement that lubricates joints and warms connective tissue along with longer holds that allow for the slow release of tension.

 Inspired by the Iyengar alignment-based approach as well as restorative and therapeutic yoga approaches, the entire immersive experience is guided by requests taken at the start of class, thus ensuring that each class targets each student’s needs and is one-of-a kind. In a commitment to personalizing the experience, once Natalie gets acquainted with students and their physical and energetic needs, each week she researches gentle yoga poses, sequences, and class intentions that will best suit their preferences. In addition, the class utilizes a variety of props, which ensures that students are able to fully experience poses without tenseness or resistance.

 In essence, through a gentle yogic approach to the body, Natalie hopes that students leave class in a more relaxed and aware state.

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Chicago Gentle Yoga Classes