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Yoga Workshops!

Fall 2014

Dec. 6: Breathing Techniques
for Relaxation & Empowerment

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Level 1

Announcing New Classes for 2015

Now with Graduate Certification

New 12 Week Series
Evening classes (6:40 pm) beginning:
Wed. Jan7, Thur Jan. 8
Mon. Jan. 26, Tue Feb. 3

Day time classes beginning
Thur Feb. 5 at 10 am

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Meditation Classes & Courses / Yoga Classes in Chicago

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Introduction to Meditation
For teens 16 - 19
Coming in Jan. 2015

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Prenatal Yoga Classes on the Chicago Northside

Meditate offers moms-to-be a 75 minute yoga class specifically to help women remain active and aware of their bodies through pregnancy. Participation in this prenatal yoga class builds confidence for the upcoming birth and journey into motherhood.
Sundays at 1 pm
Wednesdays at 6:45 pm (by candlelight)

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How to Meditate

Many people want to learn how to meditate but few actually succeed in developing a consistent practice. We feel it is because the quality of instruction is not detailed or personal to each student. Just counting breaths or trying to still the mind is not enough information since most people struggle with too much thought in general. How to meditate properly requires patient teaching by a meditation teacher who is very experienced and compassionate. We offer a Level 1 Meditation Course that addresses the most common pitfalls of someone trying to learn to meditate.

Is Meditation Hard?