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Back to Basics...

As with all practices, the fundamentals should be emphasized and re-emphasized periodically. All the greats at anything from athletes, to musicians to writers to teachers will tell you, have your fundamentals solid. So how about it?

Beginner Classes

Did you know...

…true yogis say there is ONE measurement by which you could see if a person is practicing yoga, it is that they will be kind.

Yoga Basics for Beginners

Here are some basic essentials to starting a yoga practice on the right foot!

1. How you breathe actually matters
It sounds obvious but one of the most important things to do in yoga is to learn to breathe. Of course you will be breathing, we know, but when holding the postures, you might find your self holding your breath unconsciously. Most importantly, breathe in through the nose into the belly. We recommend this Breathing in Asana article.

2. Consider including meditation
You will find it quite helpful and enjoyable to begin your yoga session with a short meditation. It is common to begin sitting cross legged and tune into where you are at physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Make a decision to be fully present and real focused on your postures while forgetting anything non-related. At the end, do something similar. Check in with how you are doing. Bookend your practice with consciousness!

3. Begin with postures that are a little hard but that you enjoy
Here are a few postures we recommend as you settle in: 
catdogdown dogchildcobra, mountain, triangle. It should be challenging and fun, not challenging and agonizing!

4. Oh glorious Shavasana! (Final relaxation)
Always end your yoga practice with Shavasana. Why? Because it just feels right!