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Yoga Teachers

Those who teach yoga classes at meditate are selected not only on their experience as yoga teachers but even more importantly on their attitude and desire to be helpful to our students and serve our spiritual community. The yoga teachers at meditate teach and conduct classes with the authority to lead confidently, remaining flexible to the best routines and yoga poses for the particular class, and with a sincere care for each practitioner’s’ individual progress.

Meditation Teachers

The meditation instructors at meditate have all been taught personally and empowered by Master Teachers. In order to have developed the depth of understanding and experience needed to teach meditation to each person regardless of the level where their meditation practice is, real and effective teachers of meditation must have developed the humility through submission to their Teachers and been given the authority to impart spiritual Guidance, not just assumed the right on their own.

Andrew Shykofsky

Who is teaching meditation in Chicago 

Meditation teacher Andrew Shykofsky began his spiritual journey over 30 years ago, initially exploring meditation techniques found in books and documentary films while in high school. He attended countless seminars, workshops, classes and retreats pursuing Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga and other North American amalgamations of spirituality such as Landmark Forum, Scientology, Out of Body Experiences and various psychic schools. He even spent several years studying the Tarot and providing card readings to spiritual seekers during the late 90’s. He was driven to find a Path that would teach him how to connect with the true soul purpose in life. While each step and place provided some missing pieces, never did he find a Path that felt right with Teachers willing to take him on.

In 2004, he found a quiet mystical community in Oakland, California that was operating what the ancients would call a ‘Mystery School’ teaching the spiritual principles and Universal Laws. The Teachers and Priests of this community had integrity as well as a process to bring students through the spiritual initiations that Andrew had been reading about for over 25 years. There was only one catch… this was a Christian Path, something he didn’t even know existed. What he didn’t know but soon learned and experienced was that the Christian Mystical Path, (which is different than involvement in a Christian or Catholic church) was all about Love.

Regardless of the religion, he knew these people were teaching the Truth and he decided to participate fully. Andrew studied the teachings diligently and practiced the spiritual exercises given to him by his Teachers daily. In 2005, he was brought into the initiation known as ‘Illumination’ where the Light is sealed in the cells of one’s spiritual and physical bodies.

In 2006, Andrew was ordained a minister deacon and began teaching some beginning level classes. Two years later in 2008, Andrew was given the initiation known as ‘Self Realization’ whereby the initiate is brought face to face with the God Self within, an initiation that can only be given by a Master Teacher with that authority. Shortly after, he moved to Chicago and immediately began several service projects. Currently he volunteers in Illinois prisons where he facilitates a Transformational Life Course as part of Prison Fellowship, teaches English to Hispanic adults through St. Joseph’s Services and visits men weekly who are without family members at St. Paul’s House, an assisted living facility on the Chicago north side.

In 2013, Andrew was ordained a minister Priest through the Holy Order of MANS, a mystical order based in Northern California which began in 1968. He opened meditate Yoga and Meditation Center in July 2013.

Andrew Shykofsky opened Meditate Yoga and Meditation Center in July 2013