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Wisdom School

Wisdom School is a series of lessons created to explore the higher spiritual teachings and raise the consciousness of those participating. Posted lectures are given to assist students seeking to walk a real spiritual Path and transform their consciousness from regular mundane levels to that of more enlightened beings, aware of their soul and wishing to grow in Love.

What is Christ Consciousness?

When we speak of consciousness, we are primarily speaking about what we are aware of and what we believe or know to be true. The consciousness we are addressing in this lesson is spiritual. The texture of the spiritual realm is spirit and thus is perceived as energy. So for tonight we will be looking at consciousness from the perspective of energy. And further, the development of our spiritual faculties for the purpose of greater perception of energy as well as refining our lives and ultimately fulfilling our deeper purpose.

 When we are children, our consciousness is rather limited. This is most obvious in the way we experience our parents and our family atmosphere. In essence, we see our parents as omniscient beings providing most everything we need. We don’t recognize them as people in the same ways we see ourselves and we don’t relate well to what they are going through when we are really young. This is as it should be. We shouldn’t be conscious of their trials and tribulations, and if parents put some of that responsibility onto their young children, it can have a negative effect. This is because we need to see our parents as fully capable, very stable and utterly reliable. As children, we need them to provide everything for us. The fact that they have problems can serve to create tremendous anxiety in children that isn’t appropriate.

This doesn’t mean we are to lie and conceal the truth, but instead have discretion in what we share. It takes some maturity through trial and error to learn how to speak about difficult things with children however, never forget they are souls who have lived many times. They may lack development in this incarnation and for that reason, we must be considerate. But deceiving them will lead to significant problems later in their lives.

The point is, we have a limited consciousness when we are young and that is how it’s supposed to be. As we get older, this changes dramatically. Think of the time in your life when you began to notice stirring of romantic feelings for others. This is a big shift in consciousness in which a whole other aspect of our being is activated. We become conscious of sexual energies and desires. Our emotional life takes on much greater dimension. The teenage years are ones of incredible difficulty because something is happening inside us and our culture doesn’t have a very developed way of teaching us how to manage these changes.

There are continual points as we age when our consciousness changes and these shifts have some effects on our behavior though not necessarily spiritual. For example, entrepreneurs become less willing to take risks as they age having tempered the fire of arrogance and fearlessness with a greater humility and prudence. This is a shift in consciousness. When children arrive and we become parents, our consciousness is different in that we see our role in life change as a result of being needed.

Here though, we are interested in exploring consciousness in the realms of the unseen in order that we have a much greater understanding of the forces we are subject to while alive on Earth. We are hungry to understand what forces are at our disposal to be used to resolve our issues, enhance our lives and better the live of others around us. The first thing that must be established is that the Universe was created and is governed by one being whom we call God. And God is Love so everything is set up for us to move in sync with the forces of Love. That is really good news!

The not so good news is that expanding one’s spiritual consciousness requires an intention to take it on. It generally doesn’t just happen as you get older on its own. It requires a commitment to face the inner world you have created and sustained through conscious and unconscious decisions. And more than anything, you have to want to know. The desire for the truth must be quite active.

We will now introduce the idea of Christ Consciousness into our discussion. Most in the West have an association with Christ being Jesus Christ, as though Christ is a person and when we speak of Christ, we are thinking about the man Jesus whom is written about in the Bible. This way of thinking is limited. The Christ is an aspect that exists in a mostly dormant state in each human being. It is the very pure GodSelf that exists in each person, waiting be reached, discovered and crowned as the ruler of our being. Our task is to take on the Christ and this is done deliberately through patient inner work.

For most of us, our beings are presently ruled to a predominant degree by the undisciplined mind, being tossed to and fro by our conscious and unconscious emotional reactions and at the whim of our bodily desires. This is nothing to feel bad about because it is really the accepted way of navigating life especially here in the west. But this type of consciousness is extremely limited and the fruits of such a limited consciousness are displayed throughout the overwhelming amount of conflict that exists on our planet. While we certainly acknowledge that there are good things going on, the incredible volume of human rights violations, lust for weapons, nations at war, millions of enslaved people, prostitution and sexual usury, disease, starvation, lack of proper health care, poverty and extreme selfishness being played out before our very eyes, one thing is certain… we are not in tune with the Love of the Universe that is available to guide us.

We might find ourselves curious as to why this is but in truth, there is no good answer. We all have free will and thus we have choice over what we focus on. Let’s not feed that fire with too much attention. We are more concerned with the ones who are ready to find the Path to the higher consciousness for in these ones, the desire to find Truth and experience Love at the highest levels has now become a priority.

The mystics, meaning those who have awakened to the inner journey back into union with God are aware of Jesus as the one who was sent by God to fulfill a particular mission. All high Teachers regardless if they be Christian, Hindu, Sufi, Kabbalist, Buddhist, Taosit etc recognize Jesus as the Highest Teacher. His Mission was first, to be a walking example for how we are to live should we wish to fulfill our soul’s purpose. He taught that he was the Truth, the Life and he Way simply meaning we are to look to his way of being as an example for ourselves. His Path was of complete selflessness, totally in tune with God and thus given all the powers of God to perform miracles while in a physical form. We can aspire to something similar and thus be very useful while alive.

Other aspects of his Mission include the redemption of mankind for all its errors up to that point in history and forever into the future, and this was accomplished by allowing himself to be sacrificed for the greater cause. This miracle is amazing and in future sessions, we will delve into exactly what that was about.

Jesus was chosen and volunteered Himself while on the other side before that particular incarnation to carry out a multi-faceted mission, in tandem with Mother Mary. Both were perfect examples of utter obedience to God or the GodSelf. They knew the Christ within and they lived by what they received from it. When a person is doing that or even trying to, we can say they are opening to the Christ Consciousness.

So these souls were chosen to show the rest of us the Way to live that is pleasing to God. Another way to say this is that they took on the Mission to be perfect examples of love incarnate. And they were chosen because of lifetimes of preparation in which their souls were continually refined to a point where they had mastered their minds, emotions and bodies. They were still subject to temptations of the flesh and of the vices rampant here on Earth. But they had developed to a point where those temptations never overtook them.

This is important because part of our refining needs to constantly move us to greater strength in our ability to resist those temptations. In order to be in relationship with the Christ within and experience our Christ Consciousness, we have to learn discipline and self-control. We have to learn how to manage our bodily desires, the urge for immediate gratification. We have to learn to manage emotions and in effect grow parts of us up to maturity, parts that became stuck at certain young ages largely because our parents were not able to teach us the lessons that would’ve helped us mature. We have to learn some discipline of the mind in order not to be launching wild and foolish thoughts into the Universe which create negative circumstances in our lives.

As we achieve this self-control, at the same time, we are to be working on opening the spiritual senses. This is accomplished through devotional work, spiritual exercises and teachings, all serving to expand the limits of our consciousness so we can make room for Christ or ‘the Christ’ to reside in us without restraint.

So what is this Christ Consciousness? The best definition we have heard is that opening to the Christ Consciousness is opening to what is. This means that the Christ Consciousness is a pure and true awareness of everything that is, in so much as is possible while in a physical body. The best thing we can do in order to ignite this process is begin by accepting that we only perceive a fraction of what is truly happening around us. Our idea that we know a lot is a big obstacle.

Some might be familiar with a teaching in the Gospel that states, “Blessed are those who are poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” We can interpret this to mean that we really know nothing on our own when it comes to matters of the spirit and thus we assume a very receptive attitude to God who informs us of all things. Conversely, we are so attached to our physical sight and so conditioned to think scientifically that we tend to discredit things that can’t be proven according to our physical laws.

But in order to expand in consciousness and thus improve our ability to perceive energy more subtly, we have to make room for things that don’t adhere to that limited way of seeing life that has settled in. Instead of waiting for the mystery to prove its existence, we learn to accept that the mystical is real and thus we create room for it to manifest in our lives. This could be taken as one of the secrets of the spiritual, that we accept the reality of non-physical realms and invite things of the spirit to come to us. The antithesis of this is when fold our arms and demand proof before we take a step. We call that pride and the fruits of pride are really not worth picking.

Let’s make this very practical so we can leave our session with very clear action items. God has an agenda in Mind for each of us. There is a higher purpose to our lives if we want to explore it.  At the same time, God never forces it. God is tempting us always to choose to explore the higher road and as our own soul begins to get close to giving it a shot, we find ourselves in the midst of people who can help us go deeper. At each juncture, we must choose whether to move closer or to remain distant. In effect, we say ‘yes, I want to know more’ or ‘no, I’m not ready for that’.

When we say yes, we invite help and believe me, we all need it. First off, we have some very well established defense mechanisms in place, some ways of coping that we quite rely on and some wounds that are still quite raw even though they may be decades old. While it is true we will begin to feel more inspired and experience the amazement of how God orchestrates our transformation, we will also likely be triggered emotionally as a conscious Teacher tries to shift us off the old game.

Secondly, we look around and see that our friends and family and the bulk of everyone aren’t too interested in this work. This is common because each soul is on their own time clock. Don’t expect people to be excited about your decision to explore the spiritual life in a more committed way. Consider being discrete in what you share at least until the new growth is a little more solidified in you.

Now, returning to our discussion on Christ Consciousness, let’s think of it as the complete, pure and true understanding, knowledge and awareness that we are seeking to hold as much as we can throughout our lives. It is a way of thinking and feeling that originates in Christ or in the GodSelf. So we will need to find this part in us and invite it to be a central figure. We can’t experience Christ Consciousness without awareness of the Self. And it is generally accepted that we can’t find the Self without a conscious Teacher who already knows their own Self.

The relationship with the Teacher begins to establish the correct dynamic in us as the one who needs Guidance and direction. Before a Teacher is going to bring you along the Path of Initiation, they are going to want to see a certain attitude of humility and openness. This is because a real Teacher has been given authority only based on his or her demonstration to love consistently and has taken vows that they are accountable to.

In our school, you can have it either way. It is perfectly acceptable to come and enjoy the lessons without taking the steps to explore the Self. But we always want to let it be known that there is much more available.

So, in conclusion… Christ Consciousness is the consciousness that we seek to grow into, to evolve and fulfill our soul’s purpose, a consciousness of true awareness of what is, meaning all personal filters and limitations are removed and we see things through the eyes of our Divine Self. We become aware of every nuance of goodness and every expression of negativity radiating from all whom we meet. But most importantly, we learn how to love ourselves and all people because this is the essence of the Christ, to fulfill our personal Mission of Love.