Which Meditation Course is Best for Me?

Level 1 Express… or Level 1 Comprehensive…
or Guided Visualization?

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What is Guided Visualization?

Level 1 Express or Level 1 Comprehensive?

We offer two versions of Level 1 Meditation. Both the Comprehensive (longer duration) and Express versions are designed to introduce new students to meditation or to assist intermediate practitioners to become more consistent meditators.

What’s the difference between the 2 courses?

Comprehensive: The 10 week longer course length (attending classes once a week for two and a half months) sets students up to emerge from the course with a consistent practice of meditation. Each lecture goes into greater detail to help students understand the principles of body, mind, emotion and thought, and how to relax one’s thinking when desired. We also explore the presence of the ego versus the soul and how to attain more balance and tranquility.

The Comprehensive course provides more spiritual direction as far as using meditation to increases one’s spiritual awareness.Read More…

Students may receive graduate certification from the Comprehensive course (optional).

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Level 1 Express: This course is better suited to those who are curious about meditation but reluctant to commit to three months of classes. Classes are shorter and more concise. A meditation style is taught and some very thorough teaching is given to explore one’s mind and thinking. The goal is to provide an easy-to-practice method and find liberation from negative thoughts, negative emotions (such as worry, anxiety and irritation) and to calm super busy mind. Course length is 6 weeks. Read More…

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