757 St Andrews Blvd
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2 Weeks of Yoga Classes for $39.00

Meditate Yoga and Meditation Center is a peaceful space accessible to Lincoln Square, North Center and Lakeview areas on Chicago’s Northside. We desire to create a ‘clean, quiet, well lit place to relax’ for people who love both yoga and meditation. We have intentionally created class schedules to make it easy to practice both often in the same evening.

Please accept our invitation to try our classes for 7 days at no charge.

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Yoga and Meditation Classes in Northcenter

Welcome to Meditate Yoga and Meditation Center

Welcome to Meditate! We proudly offer yoga and meditation classes in the Northcenter neighborhood in Chicago, easily accessible to Lincoln Square, Ravenswood and Lakeview. Since we opened in July 2013, we have been building a community of yogis and meditators with a desire to use these tools to improve their lives.

Yoga is by now a very accepted way for us here in a busy city to slow down from the hectic outer pace and move with intention. Yoga practitioners at Meditate have reported the amazing feeling of calmness our classes provide. Sessions are challenging in that students stretch, build muscle, learn physical balance and face the chance to expand past limitations they had previously accepted. And always leave our yogis refreshed and happy they decided to come.

Meditation is also accepted as a practice to relax and become more balanced. But in contrast to yoga, many interested in meditation are faced with concepts about meditation that are difficult to overcome. Some of these concepts include the proper way to sit, the very difficult task of stilling the mind and in general, the mystery about what to do while in meditation!

That’s why we have specifically developed a way of teaching to make it easy to get started and experience the benefits of meditation. For example, we teach students to sit in chairs with back support since sitting cross legged on the floor in Lotus position is quite hard to sustain for many. Most importantly, we walk you through each meditation in the beginning so you can move into a meditative state. Once there, you will find a new side to yourself is accessible to explore.