how to manage negative thoughts

How to Manage Negative Thoughts

You Can Manage Negative Thoughts if you are Willing to Accept This Idea

Almost all people seeking out meditation want to manage negative thoughts to some extent. Why is this? How did our minds get so far off base?

Perhaps you’ll remember an ad campaign that began in 1972 that stated; A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste. This is so true! But let’s introduce a slight variation. A Mind that is Out of Control with Negative Thoughts is a Waste. And THAT is a terrible thing!

The state of our culture is such that we love negativity. If we didn’t our news, our printed and online publications, our TV shows, our YouTube videos and our movies would not reflect it. Think of the percentage of films that involve crime, murder and people cheating on each other.

It’s hard to deny that we get an emotional charge from indulging in negativity. The good news is that meditation will absolutely help manage negative thoughts. The not so good news is that it will require consistent effort.

As with anything that has been allowed to exist for an extended period, habits are harder to change once established. Breaking the habit of allowing negativity to be prominent in your thinking is simple as far as understanding what to do but hard in execution.

Consider this idea; negative thinking is not natural but a learned condition. It has become the easier route because it releases responsibility. Changing it comes down to creating a new habit.

Thinking negatively will often release you from having to do anything. What do we mean? Take for example if someone does something to anger you. If you allow yourself to think negatively and blame the other person, you can stay mad, shut them out or speak badly about them. These are easy choices but they do nothing to help you manage negative thoughts. If on the other hand, you sit in meditation, explore the feelings that got stirred in the interaction and decide to forgive the person, you are faced with a much more challenging task. This path brings you into accord with your higher nature.

Whenever you act in a way that is aligned with love, you will tend to emerge feeling lighter. When you act in accord with negativity, you might get an initial pay off as far as feeling a little relieved but it won’t last. The first step to manage negative thoughts is to accept that the process will require effort. Then you have to learn the process and finally you have to do it. In the beginning, you will need to do this everyday. After a while, you can cut back to when something is trying to take you into negativity.

In our next blog post, we provide a step by step process for doing this work. For now, you’ll need a meditation practice whereby you can get in touch with your emotions and where you can objectively observe your thoughts. Second, you’ll need to accept that it will take a diligent effort exercised over a period of time to replace the thought patterns of allowing negativity to reside in you. Finally, you’ll need patience for when setbacks occur as they are inevitable on this journey. Please see our next post to get started!

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