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Guided Meditation

We all need a little help, especially when starting something new. Or striving to reach a new level. Attending a guided meditation session with a conscious teacher will allow you an immediate and positive experience of meditation.

If you like what happens, you can explore getting more involved.


How Meditation Helps

The Best Guided Meditation...

teaches you sound meditation techniques. Some use guided imagery and some use music. We also feature the gong!


Guided Meditation

Introductory Meditation Lecture and Guided Meditation

Every Saturday at 9:30 am (except holiday weekends i.e.day after Christmas, Labor Day etc) we offer the opportunity to explore our Charleston Meditation Center and learn a little about our meditation courses. You will hear a 30 minute lecture discussing BMEM meditation and then be guided through a 20 minute meditation in our studio. In case you’re wondering, we meditate sitting in chairs with back support! (Sitting cross legged on the floor is ok if you want too).

 Guided Meditation in Chicago

Class Length: 1 hour
Teacher: Andrew Shykofsky
Fee: Free
Notes: Sign up for Dec. 5