757 St Andrews Blvd
Charleston, SC 29407

Explore a Personal Relationship with God.

For those who have a hunger for truth and a desire for spiritual growth beyond just attending church weekly or self help practices. We will discuss a Gospel reading and then meditate to allow the wisdom of God to reveal itself.

Christ Consciousness Meditation

Christ Consciousness Meditation – Sundays at 11:30 am

For those Seeking an Experience of Christ Within, this Class will Resonate!

Many traditional churches provide community fellowship and a moral framework to aspire to. However some spiritual seekers may still experience a hunger for a more personal and direct connection to God through Christ.

Join us Sunday mornings as we discuss aspects of the Gospel and then are guided into deep meditation where we will find the presence of Truth and Love within ourselves. All faiths are welcome.

Andrew Shykofsky who teaches this class is an ordained Priest and Master Teacher of Christian Mysticism.

Guided Meditation in Chicago

When: Sundays at 11:30 am
Start Date: Oct 14, 2018
Class Length: 1 hour
Teacher: Andrew Shykofsky
Fee: free
Notes: All faiths welcome!