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Basic Meditation Course
(4 Sessions)

We offer a basic version of our Level 1 Meditation Course. Learn an effective technique and begin to experience more relaxation and less of an anxious mind by attending 4 session (includes instruction and guided meditation).

New Classes: Thursdays 11 am beginning Jan. 3, 2019 (see below)

Beginner's Tip

Our Basic Meditation Course

Our Most Basic Meditation Course

First Class: Thur Jan. 3, 2019

How to meditate for beginners

Our Most Basic Meditation Course is a 4 week series where students meet 1 time per week for a 45 minute lecture and 20 minute guided meditation. The curriculum includes four specific lessons to provide a basic technique that is relatively easy to learn.

Each lesson offers clear direction on how to practice the technique in order to gain significant benefits of relaxation and mental clarity as quickly as possible.

Week 1- Learn the basic technique
Week 2 – Discuss the psychology of establishing meditation as a consistent habit and how to get committed
Week 3 – A comprehensive exploration into improving concentration
Week 4 – What is Contemplative Meditation? Learning what it means go beyond just focusing on breath and stilling the mind

To increase the chances of success, students are provided a series of recorded guided meditations on a USB drive (mp3 file format) with recorded meditations to practice at home in between classes.

Class Format: Each week, a 45 minute lesson is given by the teacher in which students are encouraged to ask questions and share their ups and downs in meditation sessions for direct feedback.  Following the lesson will be a guided meditation that lasts 18 to 20 minutes.

Style of Meditation: The style taught in the Level 1 Comprehensive course is known as BMEM (Body, Mind, Emotions Meditation). It can be considered a hybrid of Mindfulness with the exploration into meaningful contemplation. Students learn how their bodies, emotions and especially their minds exert pressure throughout the day. By giving attention to these aspects while sitting quietly in meditation, the pressure is relieved and deeper states of relaxation are experienced relatively quickly.

How to meditate for beginners

When: Thursdays at 11:00 am
Start Date: Jan 03, 2019
Class Length: 75 min
Teacher: Andrew Shykofsky
Fee: $99 - First Class is Jan. 3, 2019
Notes: Registration is now open