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YOGA 1-2-3

This mini series is 3 classes designed to help brand newbies to yoga and those coming back after an extended break get a feel for the basics in a warm and safe environment. Each of the three classes introduces some common rudimentary elements to give the new ‘yogi’ a chance to explore this wonderful practice! Only $30 for three 1 hour classes…


something to consider...

“People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.” 

― Paulo Coelho

 Wednesdays This Winter 2014

This 3-week mini series will introduce students to breathing techniques (pranayama), physical postures (asana), and basic yogic meditation practices in a safe, supportive environment. Sessions will focus on body awareness, and relaxation techniques at a relaxed pace.

Class will include a guided meditation, a warm up practice (pratapana), 45 minutes of guided physical practice, a cool down, and relaxation. Each week will build upon material covered the previous week so that students will integrate what they have learned into a cohesive practice.

The course is appropriate for beginners or those returning to a yoga practice after time away. No previous experience is required. Students should wear loose, comfortable clothing. Please inform the instructor of past or current injuries, pregnancy, and/or illness.

1st Session – (1 hour): Introduction to basic standing, seated, and supine postures. We will cover the 6 movements of the spine and yogic breathing.

2nd Session – (1 hour): We will build on what we learned in Week 1 and add heat-building sun salutations.

3rd Session – (1 hour): We’ll put together a full flow yoga class to stretch and strengthen your muscles, nourish your joints, and honor yourself physically and energetically.

Cost: $30 for 3 classes (yoga mat provided)                              

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