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A Fresh Look at Meditation
Saturday Feb. 15 at 1 pm

There are incredible statistics touting the benefits of meditation. The biggest problem is that people can’t seem to stick with a practice. This may be because they are taught some erroneous concepts or are taught by instructors who may not be able to understand the various obstacles they are hitting. Let’s take a fresh look and see if you can learn in a way that gets you off to a clean start.


Workshop: Saturday Feb. 15 at 1 pm

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A Fresh Look at Meditation

Many people feel drawn to meditation and try diligently to learn it. But most don’t persist due to two main obstacles; the first is a lack of clarity over what they are supposed to be doing and second because they quit in frustration too early feeling they aren’t really getting it. In this workshop, we discuss a few of the most popular misteachings such as the need to still your mind completely or the need to sit for long periods cross legged even if your body has a hard time with such a posture. Come and learn a technique that has proven to take you to a deep and relaxing inner place, while sitting in comfortable chairs. And for those who are seeking truly spiritual experiences, this workshop will point the way to get that started as well!


Class Length: 90 min.
Teacher: Andrew Shykofsky
Fee: $20 advance/$25 door