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Our Meditation Classes

Scroll down to experience some recent videos taken from actual meditation classes.
We think of Meditate as a quiet, dimly lit place to evolve for people who love tranquility. Explore our online meditation classes!

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Non-religious Meditation Classes in Chicago

Our meditation Classes are targeted to those living a city lifestyle and who seek greater peace of mind. 

Meditation Classes – Videos

Getting Your Mind to Work For You (3:01)

(from Level 1 Meditation Course)


Overcoming Monkey Mind (2:35)

(from Level 1 Meditation Course)


Do I Think While in Meditation? (5:17)

(from Level 1 Meditation Course)


Do You Have a Reason to Meditate (2:08)

(from Level 1 Meditation Course)


When Seeking a Place to Take Meditation Classes

Meditation classes need to work for you. People can be unsure if a particular teacher, or a particular location or the meditation style is the right fit for them. This is normal. It is always a good idea to check out the place you want to take meditation classes before committing to a meditation course.

Our meditation studio is soundproofed and designed to provide the perfect atmosphere for a deep and satisfying meditation practice. Guided meditations are offered with music, with the gong, or other tools to help you access the inner realms of consciousness more easily.

Choose from several meditation courses including;

Level 1 Meditation – 8 Week Comprehensive Course

(Developing a Consistent Practice to Gain Greater Control of Mind and Emotions)


Level 1 Extend – 4 Week Course

(Using Meditation to Change Deep Seated Limiting Beliefs)


Level 1 Refresh – 3 Week Refresher Course

(For Those Looking to get Back into the Practice)


Level 2 Meditation – 8 Week Comprehensive Course

(Opening to God through Meditation as an Inner Experience)


Guided Visualization – 5 Week Course

(Using Mind to Affect Matter)


Above all, we cultivate an energy at meditate that meditation is accessible whether you are learning how to meditate as a beginner or have been practicing meditation and consider yourself an intermediate, all the way to advanced meditators who have awareness of the Soul/Self Consciousness.

Meditation is a vital tool to find the inner peace that can be elusive in a busy city life. And even deeper, meditation is one of the fastest was to discover who you are and what your soul is truly seeking in order to have a fulfilling and meaningful life. We invite you to explore if our meditation classes would be the right fit to meet your needs.

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