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Meditation and the Truth

Jul 23, 2014

Meditation Brings Truth but without the Ears to Hear it, Nothing Changes

Recently I came across this website that had a wonderful story about a man who had meditated for years hoping to connect with God. You can read the story here.  These kinds of fable-like tales can be so powerful because they simplify the context to a way that makes it obvious what the real issue is.

talking fish

We find that many people sign up for our courses wishing to find relief from a form of suffering. Sometimes that suffering is because they feel anxious, nervous and worried. Other times they have an anger that won’t leave them alone.

Some are longing for more meaning in life and to understand the hardness of the people around them so they can feel normal. In other words, are they supposed to act like everyone else and do things that feel off? The answer is definitely not. The quest for truth through meditation will bring you to a point of recognizing that our societies of this world, in a lot of ways are far from Love and Truth. This makes it all the more heroic to pursue such a path.

Remember a book called The Road Less Traveled? That’s what the real spiritual seeker has to commit to, walking a path that very few people choose. You will be healed and feel lighter. But bringing that consciousness into your daily, worldly life, don’t expect a grand reception. Meditation and the truth can be nicely intertwined. When you learn to relax the mind, you begin to receive true wisdom from within your own being. There is no explanation for this that the mind will consider sound enough so forget about it.

A life where meditation is central is one where things stop making sense. You realize that life does not follow a logical linear plan. There are times when logic and reason have their place. But love is not reasonable and God could never be limited by logic. Let those rigid structures go and be open to meditation and the truth.

Also, visit this site when you have time.

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