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Learn to Meditate in Chicago

12 Week Meditation Course begins in Chicago on July 28 2014

Classes every Monday evening (no class Labor Day)

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Meditation is the way

“Generally we waste our lives, distracted from our true selves, in endless activity. Meditation is the way to bring us back to ourselves, where we can really experience and taste our full being.” 

~ Sogyal Rinpoche

Learn to Meditate in Chicago

How to Meditate – a 12 Week Course in Chicago

Sometimes we are just ready to learn something that we really want to learn. Meditation is one of those things that may people have heard about and are very curious to try. But possibly we have had some unusual experiences like having to sit cross legged for too long when we were supposed to be blissed out. Instead, our legs and back ached!

The reality is that meditation is an inner experience and while some aspects of posture are important, what really matters is that the person is comfortable enough to let go of their body. This means that sitting in a chair with back support is a great way to get started. As well, many think they are suppose to have no thoughts at all and if their minds are churning, then they are way off! But what about a way to let the mind be but move our consciousness into another part of our being?

This is a technique that we teach here at meditate, to work with consciousness and begin to open the channels within ourselves to bring about the peace that has eluded us. Beginning Monday July 28, we are starting a new 12 week series we call Level 1 Meditation. In this class, there are instructional lessons as well as guided meditations every week. Students are also given exercises to practice at home and solidify their new practice.

We tackle the tough topics such as improving concentration, how to handle an erratic mind, dropping into altered states of consciousness, the repetition needed to establish a regular practice, how commitment plays a role in learning to meditate and deep probing into the outer and inner realms of consciousness. We even touch on Soul and Self consciousness for the mystics out there.

The course runs Monday evenings beginning July 28. The cost is $179.00. Class time is 6:40 pm. We look forward to meeting you soon!