Why meditate for beginners

Why Meditation is Good

Answers to the Most Common Why Meditation is Good? Questions

Using alcohol, caffeine, drugs, sugar or any other indulgence as a way to take comfort and unwind will eventually backfire.  These outer substances have an immediate effect on the body chemistry and our culture is hooked on fast relief. What about fast AND LASTING RELIEF? Learning to meditate may not come as fast as you would like but once you let go of that struggle and decide to learn a technique, you begin to reap the benefits rather quickly. Let’s explore why meditation is good for many aspects of your life.

My mind won’t shut up. Will meditation fix this?

Interesting use of words…’fix this’. Meditation will change the way your mind functions presently. For those who don’t practice any form of introspective contemplation, the mind has generally assumed the role of unequivocal leader of your being. Once you begin meditating, the goal is for your being to be led by your soul and then train the mind to be its willing ally. This process is amazing but to be frank, it’s not always the easiest. Through the readings in this website as well as the meditation courses, it is possible to reclaim the mind and patiently teach it to think in more positive and beneficial ways.

Practicing meditation is the most effective way to address and reduce the pressures of day to day city life.

What about anxiety? Does meditation get rid of worrying and anxiety?

Yes, meditation will reduce the pressure of fear based thinking. Anxiety is a form of fear and fears seek to constrict and protect. Meditation is a great way to examine what is causing your anxiety. See section on Meditation to Reduce Anxiety.

I have trouble falling asleep at night

The mind is trying to do right by you but it’s not a great leader. It wants issues and problems to solve because in so doing, it feels useful. We want you to stop thinking of your life as problematic. During your waking hours, attend to the situations before you. When it’s time to go to sleep, the mind should relax. If you haven’t developed a relationship with it through meditation, it might just keep on going not caring that you need to sleep.

This can be terribly frustrating. If you spend 20 minutes per day in meditation, examining your thoughts and attending to what’s coming up, you’re mind will gradually stop keeping you up at night.

Other Reasons that Meditation is Good

  • It will help you reduce emotional volatility
  • Meditation draws you inward to explore Soul Consciousness
  • Being Mindful means being more present to the moment. This is relaxing.