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Visualization Techniques for Athletes

Visualization Techniques for Athletes may make all the Difference

visualization techniques for athletesSearch the internet for famous athletes who meditate. The list includes Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Derek Jeter. I suspect there are hundreds of superstar athletes who meditate because using a conscious approach to visualization will enhance performance in sports. Many greats will affirm this fact. Visualization techniques for athletics are crucial at the professional level.

Visualization is one form of meditation where you focus inwardly and imagine situations you want to happen. While in meditation you create a mental movie of the result you desire but there are a few ‘secrets’. The most important piece of this work is to visualize the end result you desire as though it is already real.

For example, if you have a race coming up, you would visualize yourself crossing the finish line first. If you have a championship game scheduled, see the clock running out with your team winning.

You don’t have to visualize the entire event. The technique is to create the result you want by seeing it as real as you can in your mind. This is actually a lot of fun! As you are visualizing your victory, you may begin to feel uplifted because your vision is so real. This is the second secret to powerful visualization; stir up the feelings that you want  when your vision happens in addition to the images.

If you are a golfer and you want a hole-in-one, see yourself making the shot. Watch very clearly as the ball rolls into the cup. When that ball drops, let yourself feel amazing! The feelings imprinted with the vision add power.

Another example… let’s say you want to hit a home run. See yourself swinging the bat at the perfect pitch, at the perfect time and watch the ball sail over the fence. When you see it’s a homer, let that triumphant feeling flow through you. Even though you are sitting quietly in meditation, inside you are feeling excitement and euphoria. It may take some practice for you to be able to stimulate the feelings while in meditation.

In future posts, we will discuss using visualization techniques for athletes that involve improving a particular stroke or seeing the team gel, for example. For right now, use the technique to see what you want to happen. Remember, see the desired end result, feel triumphant and then get out there and practice like a mad man!

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