Organized Religion and Meditation

Is Organized Religion Spiritual?

There Are Aspects of Spirituality to Organized Religion but Finding God Within will Require Meditation

Spiritual teachers are so often identified as Eastern. We in the West associate spirituality with certain countries or cultures like Tibet, India, or Asian traditions such as Chinese or Japanese. Movies portray ancient masters as Asian men in robes, very calm, perhaps a little austere being selective about who they will take on as students.

Here in the West, we think of things related to God as religious and unfortunately, those most often drawn to spirituality have had bad experiences with organized religion. In this article, we will explore mysticism as it pertains to meditation and how the mystical approach to spiritual growth can assist you in deepening in your practice.

Mysticism refers to the inner path. The word is related to the word mystery whose origin means secret, hidden meaning. The mystical journey will be the one where the secrets of the spiritual realms are revealed. It is where you will find God within.

This can sound very enticing. What is most challenging is that it requires very personal guidance to navigate the journey as each individual will face specific and unique obstacles pertinent to the ways their egos have developed. This may involve multiple lifetimes in which we have strayed from the Truth. The first order of business is always to find a Teacher to lead you.

Perhaps you have heard the old expression that when the student is ready, the Teacher will appear. Let’s also add that when the student is ready, they should very actively start looking! It is always easier to find what you are looking for when you are actually looking.

Churches are generally part of organized religous groups and for the most part, churches offer community support, friendship, fellowship and places of worship. What they don’t offer is a path inwardly to find God. In fact, many Christian religion in particular are very nervous about even exploring meditation for fear of entertaining the occult. In this way, organized religion isn’t very spiritual.

People may find spirituality in their church communities but if you want to really grow, know your soul and fulfill a Divine Mission, you will need a meditation practice and preferably a Teacher who carries a high level of consciousness.

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