Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization – Miracle Technique or New Age Fluff

Creative Visualization is a Use of Mind that Actually Changes Matter

Using Creative Visualization as a tool to affect the reality of your life is the farthest thing from fluff that I can imagine. The way it is presented and taught may have a lot to do with how well things work out for each individual. You should expect that you will have to invest yourself in learning and practicing the techniques thoroughly in order to gain the full benefits.

The premise for Creative Visualization is that your mind has the power when directed intentionally to imagine something which will then materialize. How is this possible? Well, that’s a mystery that can only be answered by our Creator. All humans were given the faculty of a mind and as you know, it is possible to create images using your imagination. Some call this daydreaming when we let our minds wander and imagine things. Creative Visualization goes beyond daydreaming.

Let’s say there is something in your life you want. The big areas of focus that tend to elude people are; a healthy romantic relationship, a well paying and engaging career, good health, a good living situation (apartment, roommates, purchased home etc), to have a baby, to flourish in a new direction etc. There are countless variations of what you can visualize. Next you might wonder how just imagining what you want will make it come true.

Here is where I want you to consider the marvel of electricity. Do you stop before turning on every light switch or plugging in any appliance to understand the principles of electrical current? Probably not. You use electricity and can see that it works but you don’t hinder yourself by having to understand it thoroughly. How about approaching Creative Visualization this way? Try using your mind in this way and see what kind of results manifest.

The best thing you can do is decide you will have faith in the process. Trying to be scientific and see proof that this works will likely disappoint. Science actually hasn’t fully caught up with the principles on metaphysical phenomenon. The reason Creative Visualization leads to matter being formed is that we are endowed with the creative power of God. This is what is meant when you hear we were made in God’s image. Like God, we have the ability to create.

The process of creating a life that is fulfilling to you involves getting clear on what you want and then following a process.  Briefly, that process goes like this; decide what you want…. commit to all the work needed to obtain it…meditate on your desire and examine your belief system for possible conflicts…visualize the end result of your desire (not all the steps for you to get there)… let it go…create an action plan and do everything you can to fulfill your dream.

In subsequent posts, this process will be explained as well as other nuances.