Meditation to attract a new lover

Step 1 to Attract a New Lover is Getting Your Mind Aligned with your Desire

Practicing Meditation and Visualization are Excellent Ways to Attract a New Lover

It has become widely accepted that what you think about affects what happens in your life. If you are at a point in your life where you would like to attract a new lover, getting your mind on board will have substantial affect on the type of person you find and how long it will take.

Let’s say you have noticed a pattern to the types of partners you attract. Some people get real frustrated that they always end up with emotionally unavailable people. Or perhaps you find yourself with someone who can’t get their finances together or who gets really needy once the relationship settles in. The best thing you can do is to explore within your thinking and belief system considering why these kinds of people are showing up. It’s not a coincidence!

You will have fun and be surprised how things change when you do this inner work. It begins with an honest look at what turns you on. Have you noticed that what turns you on and what you say you want might be in conflict? We talked earlier about unavailable partners. The emotionally distant lover can make for a very passionate affair because he or she is aloof and not pressuring you in any way. This turns a lot of people on. But your heart can’t relax when you know the other person is only half in it. So there’s a conflict.

Decide what you want not from the emotional drama perspective but from a clear review of your heart and mind. If you have a sense of your soul, by all means include that part as well. It is helpful to actually go into meditation and contemplate your history a little. Examine objectively if you have a similar conflict. Consider what gets you turned on and if those kinds of relationships are relaxing and based in love.

Once you know what kind of person you want, next meditate on how you want to feel when that relationship is happening. Don’t focus on finding the person. Instead, see yourself already with the new lover and decide how you want to feel. You are going to visualize yourself with your partner and feeling how you want to feel. Things like… feeling loved, cared for, considered, respected, attracted, spacious (not suffocated) etc. This is really important as it defines what you want often better than describing the lover.

Once in meditation, see the end result. In other words, don’t visualize all the dating and any frustration while you attract a new lover. The meditation is a time to see what you want and how you will feel when the relationship is manifest. Once the vision is made, let it go. One way we teach this is to imagine a ball of light like the sun resting in your lap and a photo of you and your new lover placed inside the ball of light. Then gently toss it up and imagine this ball of light floating up to the merge with the sun. It’s symbolic but it will do the trip. You could think of it as you handing your vision off to the Universe.

Next, you’ll need to make a firm commitment to be very proactive when it comes to dating. If you want a real quality romantic partner, you’re going to have to ask people out and/or accept dates even if you’re not sure where things are going. Read the next steps in this series for more guidance. Or click here for a related blog post.