Meditation Master Class

Further instruction for those seeking to explore their higher Self.

Spiritual Path

The Path

Meditating on your own will bring you to many forks. When the road begins to narrow, it means you are experiencing real spiritual growth. This is the moment when you commit to deeper transformation. Read More.

Understanding the Soul/Self Relationship

If you have been counting breaths and stilling the mind for years and wondering why you aren’t growing very much, it might be that you need some new direction.The Soul’s journey is to find the Self. Read More.

Ego consciousness

Reducing the Ego’s Influence

Ultimately, a student wanting to grow spiritually will face fierce opposition from one’s ego which seeks to be seen as special. The ego gives rise to disruptive emotional reactions while the soul in you has greater maturity. Read More…

meditation for anger management

Working with a Teacher

It’s essential at most points along the way that you are being guided by someone who has walked the Path before you. Learn More.

Meditation to reduce anxiety


When people are told they will need to purify themselves in order to go deeper in meditation, many get nervous. Another option is to welcome the challenge of disciplining yourself away from over indulging in ways that leave you feeling bad later. Read More.

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Why Celibacy

Very few are called to celibacy but if you feel the yearning to reach your highest spiritual heights, living alone and serving God as a top priority might be an option to explore. Read More.

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