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What to do When Meditation Feels Stale

No matter how long you’ve been meditating nor how inspired you might feel, there are days when your meditation practice can feel like a chore. This is totally normal. It can be tempting to get very analytical. Who wouldn’t want to move through dry periods as quickly as possible? For the spiritual seeker, it is […]

Visualization Techniques for Athletes

Visualization Techniques for Athletes may make all the Difference Search the internet for famous athletes who meditate. The list includes Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Derek Jeter. I suspect there are hundreds of superstar athletes who meditate because using a conscious approach to visualization will enhance performance in sports. Many greats will affirm this […]

How to Manage Negative Thoughts

You Can Manage Negative Thoughts if you are Willing to Accept This Idea Almost all people seeking out meditation want to manage negative thoughts to some extent. Why is this? How did our minds get so far off base? Perhaps you’ll remember an ad campaign that began in 1972 that stated; A Mind is a Terrible […]

Understanding the Difference between Creating Reality and Influencing Reality

Do We Create Reality or Do We Affect Reality by our Choices? Understanding the Difference between Creating Reality and Influencing Reality will have a Profound Effect on your Visualization Results   by Andrew Shykofsky   This idea of creating reality leads a lot of people into frustration. In my early days of using visualization, i […]