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Register For Family Constellations Experiential Workshop - May 9, 2015

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Family Constellations Experiential Workshop

Join Candice Wu on Saturday May 9, 2015 at 10 am until 1:15 pm

Workshop Fee: $49* ($55 at the door)

Candice Wu Chicago Yoga Teacher

Family Constellations is an experiential and in-body process that illuminates our inner beliefs & dynamics in three dimensions so that we can restore love, peace & order, and arrive at resolution and freedom.

When difficulties in our family lineage have not been integrated, part of us is connected to those ties as to bring healing and balance to the soul of the family.

The constellations process untangles the bonds that hold us back, freeing us at a deep and spiritual level and moving us into our authentic selves and restoring the flow of love.

Register and pay for workshop

 *10 Participants max. Please note that this is the fee for “representing” in others’ constellations and/or having your constellation. It is not guaranteed that everyone will be having their own constellation during this time frame, however “representing” may bring just as much or more benefit to your intentions.