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Yoga classes at Meditate are 60 to 75 minutes in length and offered at the beginner through advanced levels. Teachers create their routines and adjust poses based on who attends each class. This allows for yoga classes to be interesting, challenging and flexible according to what each student in attendance needs.

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Join Yoga Teachers Candice Wu, Natalie Tomlin and Jessie Novak-Young

Chicago Yoga Classes

Why Another Yoga Studio in Chicago?

These days, you can find yoga classes in Chicago in pretty much every neighborhood. As such, we had to really think about why adding one more yoga studio to the mix would make any difference at all. We realized we had to tune into why we wanted to offer yoga classes as in… what was so compelling for us personally. As well, we wanted to create a neighborhood destination for local yogis that felt right and gave them the kinds of yoga classes they wanted. Quite a dilemma!

Well, we know there are many gyms and athletic clubs that offer yoga classes as well as many Core Power Yoga studios which offer yoga as more of an exercise class. In fact, if yoga as an alternative to Zumba or spinning is what the people wanted, we felt these places did it better than we could. So yoga just as exercise isn’t really us.

We decided to meditate (!) on what we love about yoga and figured if we love yoga for such and such reasons, others might too. Here’s what we came up with;

We love yoga because it makes us feel so good. Alright, that’s a start but WHY does it make us feel good? It makes us feel good when we consciously slow down at some point in the day and move (or not move) with real intention. Ah ha! That was a big realization. We want to create a place that teaches or respects consciousness as an important aspect to a yoga practice. So we concluded that being conscious and moving with intention brings us into a truer part of ourselves and that creates a good feeling.

Next, we tuned into the challenge of the poses. We like approaching the poses with a desire to experience all aspects and all subtleties of the posture… not to stroke our ego but to approach as a student who wishes to master the task set before them. This feels like the ancient practice, to humbly approach a challenging situation and give it your all. And see improvement. That creates a good feeling of internal satisfaction and progress.

And finally, the big revelation came… practicing yoga with the awareness that we are something beyond just a busy mind, or an imperfect body, or susceptible to emotional states that take us off balance, that yoga done consciously somehow helped us tune into this deeper aspect of ourselves. We noticed that regular yoga healed the body and gave us a sense of peace, a sense of balance and even more so, a sense of strength to take on our lives amidst this crazy world. So if we could just create an atmosphere that gave our people that feeling, we would feel our mission was being fulfilled.

So that’s what we’re doing here.

We Offer Yoga Classes Wednesdays and Sundays in Chicago Lincoln Square