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Level 1 Meditation
Comprehensive Course

Many earnestly begin meditating and soon find that everything else seems to come first. A busy city life is one of the biggest obstacles to learning how to meditate.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know why meditation is so popular, the benefits sound so appealing and yet it is incredibly difficult for most to sustain a regular practice?

Consider our 8 Week course designed to provide insights, inspiration and practical tools for those who truly want to breakthrough and experience the full rewards of this ancient practice.

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Our studio in Chicago is closed permanently.
Level 1 Meditation is offered online only.

Level 1 Comprehensive Meditation Course

Level 1 Meditation – Comprehensive Course

The Level 1 Comprehensive Meditation Course is an 8 week series where students meet 1 time per week for a 45 minute lecture and 20 minute guided meditation. The curriculum includes eight specific lessons to provide a basic technique that is relatively easy to learn (click here to download course syllabus).

Each lesson offers clear direction on how to practice the technique in order to gain significant benefits of relaxation and mental clarity as quickly as possible. The Level 1 Comprehensive Meditation Course explores some spiritual aspects of meditation but is primarily a non-religious approach to meditation designed for practical results for the metropolitan lifestyle.

The extended format of meeting once a week for eight weeks has been particularly effective in getting participants to a consistent practice that continues long after the course finishes. See Yelp reviews for objective feedback. (Note: experiencing the benefits of meditation is dependent on students practicing on their own in between classes)

To increase the chances of success, students are provided a series of recorded guided meditations on a USB drive (mp3 file format) as well as a course manual with lessons and exercises to work on in between classes. The course provides specific material in the manual designed to help apply your practice to areas of difficulty including Overcoming Sleep Issues, Reducing Anxiety, and Anger Management.

Class Format: Each week, a 45 minute lesson is given by the teacher in which students are encouraged to ask questions and share their ups and downs in meditation sessions for direct feedback. Each night we cover specific areas that will help you refine your practice and get stronger in your discipline to meditate regularly. Following the lesson will be a guided meditation that lasts 18 to 20 minutes.

Style of Meditation: The style taught in the Level 1 Comprehensive course is known as BMEM (Body, Mind, Emotions Meditation). It can be considered a hybrid of Mindfulness with the exploration into deeper states of consciousness. Students learn how their bodies, emotions and especially their minds exert pressure throughout the day. By giving attention to these aspects while sitting quietly in meditation, the pressure is relieved and deeper states of relaxation are experienced relatively quickly.

Graduate Certification (Optional): Students may earn graduation credit and certification upon completion of this course provided they meet certain criteria if desired. Click here to see Graduate Certification Requirements. (It is also possible to complete this course without fulfilling these requirements)

When: Sundays at 11:45 am
Class Length: 80 min
Teacher: Andrew Shykofsky
Notes: Registration is now closed