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Chakra Work through Yoga (5 part series)


Chakras are a bit of a mystery, aren’t they? We have heard something about them being ‘energy centers’ or portals to the spiritual body. This sounds pretty interesting. But let’s get practical. Spiritual stuff is about betting more balanced, more focused, more productive and above all, more loving. As one progresses spiritually, you will find yourself more accepting of who you are and of how others are.

Learning about your chakras will allow you to have more energy, better energy and in general you’ll feel better. The goal of this class is to use yoga as a way to liberate you from where you are blocked energetically. We are going to systematically,over 5 sessions work on parts of us with the focus of having a better flow of energy.

It can be said that energy actually originates in the spiritual and manifests in the material. Do you agree? Why not come and find out how to get better control over your own energy.

Week 1: the Root Chakras

Week 2: the Core Chakra

Week 3: the Heart Chakra

Week 4: the Throat Chakra

Week 5: the Third Eye and Beyond

This class is not currently being offered

$12 per class or 5 for $50