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“Some people think that meditation takes time away from physical accomplishment. Taken to extremes, of course, that’s true. Most people, however, find that meditation creates more time than it takes.”

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What makes a yoga and meditation teacher suitable to provide expert advice and guidance? Is it hours and hours of training, schooling and reading? Or actually, would you feel more comfortable learning from some someone with a ton of experience? Most of us would say they prefer someone with a lot of experience but we can’t neglect a good education either.

When people graduate a particular program, they have a lot of knowledge and a lot of enthusiasm and these are to be valued. But experience brings wisdom and a wise teacher, especially when it comes to yoga and meditation is crucial. Yoga is widespread not only in Chicago but all over the US and as such, many have begun to teach having completed 200 hr training programs. We love this! The dedication to improve and introduce the practice to others is something, as lovers of yoga that we fully support.

As well, we want to make sure that you are being led by those sensitive and wise enough to guide you, your body and address you needs. This is why our blog writers tend to be more experienced and have developed tremendous compassion for the students we teach.

Meditation is an inner experience. Both yoga AND meditation could be called inner experiences but meditation even moreso. It can be difficult to know what someone is experiencing while in meditation since it’s so personal. But teachers who have studied meditation and who have taught for longer periods are able to identify the various mind sets, the common obstacles and the victories along the way so as to really guide the student. We do say ‘victories’ because in our experience, the beginning presents a lot of temptation to give up. You’d think it was easy to sit and be still but compared to the high stimulation world of smart phones, YouTube and reality TV shows, at the start, one’s inner world is going to feel a little less interesting.

We hope you enjoy our blog posts!